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dc.contributor.authorMcGreal, Rory
dc.contributor.authorChen, Nian-Shing
dc.identifier.citationMcGreal, R., & Chen, N.-S. (2011). AUPress: A Comparison of an Open Access University Press with Traditional Presses. Educational Technology & Society, 14 (3), 231–239.en
dc.description.abstractThis study is a comparison of AUPress with three other traditional (non-open access) Canadian university presses. The analysis is based on the rankings that are correlated with book sales on and Statistical methods include the sampling of the sales ranking of randomly selected books from each press. The results of one-way ANOVA analyses show that there is no significant difference in the ranking of printed books sold by AUPress in comparison with traditional university presses. However, AUPress, can demonstrate a significantly larger readership for its books as evidenced by the number of downloads of the open electronic versions.en
dc.titleAUPress: A Comparison of an Open Access University Press with Traditional Pressesen

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