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dc.contributor.authorMacIsaac, Peggy Lynn
dc.descriptionThe discussions which arose from the presentation included acknowledgments that the problem is significant, timely and onerous. Solutions presented included various ways learning management systems have been used, as well as, other platforms well suited to academic institutions developing online communities such as Elgg. My paper was grounded in literature addressing, learning management systems, libraries and faculty collaborations. One area suggested for future research is that of educational media. In other sessions at the conference, I learned of challenges and successes being faced at post secondary institutions around the world and the technological responses to address them. As a public services librarian it was valuable to spend this focused time on computer supported educational issues. The full paper can be found at:
dc.description.abstractThis paper presents challenges and opportunities for academic libraries to increase their online presence in learning management systems (LMS). Successful examples from Athabasca University Library will highlight the benefits of a collaborative team approach to course development and Moodle software applications. This case study demonstrates how an academic library can participate fully as an active partner in the learning process. Specific focus is given to seamless access for students from the LMS to licensed electronic resources. Thoughtful design of new initiatives to increase library exposure to students shows how ongoing web maintenance can be minimized.en
dc.subjectOnline presenceen
dc.subjectLearning management systemsen
dc.subjectLicensed electronic resourcesen
dc.subjectWeb maintenanceen
dc.titleMaximizing Library Online Presence while Minimizing Maintenanceen

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