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dc.contributor.authorLeung, Ambrose
dc.contributor.authorKier, Cheryl A.
dc.contributor.authorFung, Tak Shing
dc.contributor.authorFung, Linda
dc.contributor.authorSproule, Robert
dc.identifier.citationLeung, A., Kier, C., Fung, T., Fung, L., & Sproule, R. (2011). Searching for happiness: The importance of social capital. Journal of Happiness Studies, 12 (3), 443-462. DOI: 10.1007/s10902-010-9208-8en
dc.description.abstractAfter four decades of research, scholars of happiness continue to debate its causes. While it is generally agreed that a combination of internal and external factors play a role, predicting happiness well remains a challenge. Recent research has proposed that social capital may be a vital factor that has been overlooked. This paper attempts to address that omission. According to Coleman’s (1988) seminal work, three dimensions of social capital exist: (1) trust and obligations, (2) information channels, and (3) norms and sanctions. Using bootstrap hierarchical regression on data from the Canadian General Social Survey of Social Engagement Cycle 17 (2003), we identified blocks of social capital variables described by Coleman, as well as an additional factor of belongingness. Even after controlling for major demographic and individual characteristics, the majority of these blocks show significant relationships with happiness. Our findings support social capital as an important piece in predicting happiness.en
dc.subjectsocial capitalen
dc.titleSearching for Happiness: The Importance of Social Capital.en

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