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    • Around the World in Eight Hundred Days 

      Baggaley, Jon (2011-03-09)
      Since January 2006, while on a two-year sabbatical leave, Dr. Jon Baggaley, Professor of Educational Technology, CDE, has circled the globe five times, developing and supervising distance education research and development ...
    • The Canadian Census: All You Wanted to Know and Were Afraid to Ask! 

      Kariel, Doug; MacIsaac, Peggy Lynn (2011-03-09)
      Doug Kariel, Head, Technical Services & Systems, and Peggy Lynn MacIsaac, Reference Services Librarian, Library Services, will provide an overview of Canadian Census data, differentiating between what is available to the ...
    • Land of the Unexpected: Impressions from Papua New Guinea 

      Treu, Roland (2011-03-09)
      Join Dr. Roland Treu, Associate Professor, Biology, Centre for Science, on a journey through the Melanesian paradise of Papua New Guinea, a little known country in the south Pacific with a startling biodiversity. Drawing ...
    • Luminescence Dating Technique Contributions to Geological Research: Hondo-Smith Case Study 

      Munyikwa, Ken (2011-03-09)
      "Describing the principles behind the luminescence dating technique, which is currently being applied to research on wind deposited dune structures, Dr. Ken Munyikwa, Asst. Prof., Earth Science, Centre for Science, will ...
    • My Darling Mother: An Examination of a Mother-Daughter Relationship 

      Cavanaugh, Cathy (2011-03-09)
      Based on research undertaken in 2005, Dr. Cathy Cavanaugh, Assoc. Prof, Women’s Studies, Centre for Work & Community Studies, explores the relationship between Gladys Arnold, the only accredited Canadian Press journalist ...
    • Snow Cover Monitoring Using Microwave Remote Sensing 

      Pivot, Frederique (2011-03-09)
      Compared to conventional snow measurements sporadically taken in situ, remote data sensing is particularly well-adapted to the monitoring of snow-covered surfaces over continuous space-time scales. A multi-sensing approach ...
    • The Virtual Expanses of Canadian Popular Culture 

      Briton, Derek (2011-03-09)
      Dr. Derek Briton, Associate Director, Centre for Integrated Studies, will provide an overview of the impact of virtual worlds—Massiviely Multiple Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs)—on Canadian popular culture, including ...

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