Recent Submissions

  • Using 3D Virtual Worlds: Engaging AU Learners & Providing Social Support 

    Annand, David; Schwede, Gunnar; Husch, Gabriela; Koole, Marguerite (2011-03-09)
    Demonstrating how an avatar-based 3-D learning environment can more fully engage AU learners in their online educational experience Dr. David Annand, Gunnar Schwede, Gabriela Husch and Marguerite Koole will showcase a ...
  • PLAR Practice in Canada AU's Role in Building a National Framework 

    Conrad, Dianne; Myers, Doug (2011-03-09)
    Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) is a process designed to award credits towards a degree or certificate at AU and to open other doors to advancement. Although AU is the acknowledged post secondary practitioner ...
  • Synchronous Online Drop-in Tutorials in Distance Delivered Chemistry Courses 

    Shaw, Lawton (2011-03-09)
    Over a 12-week period, via synchronous online technology, students taking chemistry courses at AU were able to receive one-on-one tutorial support that included the use of a whiteboard and interaction with their classmates. ...
  • Meta4hand Innovations: Software Enabling True Mobility 

    Wong, Frank; Moschuk, Ray (2011-03-09)
    Meta4hand, an embedded software development company, has been tackling ubiquitous computing problems in mobile wireless space from a unique perspective. Frank Wong, President, and Ray Moschuk, CEO, will discuss how their ...
  • William Chappell's Historical Hit Parade 

    Gregory, David (2011-03-09)
    William Chappell, pioneer historian of English popular music, researched and published vernacular songs from the late Middle Ages to 18th Century. Based on his recently published book, "Victorian Songhunters", Dr. David ...
  • Teaching Accent Reduction through Distance Education 

    Kane, Peggy; Baig, Veronica (2011-03-09)
    Increasing knowledge and awareness about accent minimization can assist individuals to achieve greater clarity of expression and, thus, improved social and employment prospects. What causes accents? Why do "we" often ...
  • An Academic's Life - at AU 

    Holmberg, Robert G. (2011-03-09)
    Ever wondering what Athabasca University was like in the mid 1970s and 1980s? Here's your chance to find out…from someone who was there. From an academic's personal perspective, Dr. Robert Holmberg, Biology Professor, ...
  • Hollywood North: producing a video at Athabasca University 

    Holmberg, Robert G.; MacMullin, Blaise; Grivois, Ian (2011-03-09)
    Dr. Robert Holmberg, Biology Professor, Centre for Science, along with Ian Grivois, Visual Designer, Educational Media Development, and Blaise Mac Mullin, Photographer/Videographer, Public Affairs, microscopy for biology ...

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