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dc.contributor.authorGerding-Lengelle, Reinekke
dc.descriptionI did make it to the Dialogical Self Conference in Athens Greece. Our paper was presented by my two colleagues and the work booklet I spent time creating in preparation was shared with the colleague participants. The paper, for which I am a co-author, will also go ahead for publication with Cambridge University Press. I also met various colleagues and am part of a new research group that came out of that and have also been asked if I would participate in the creation of a book on the topic of creativity and the dialogical self.en
dc.description.abstractIt is broadly accepted that modern society poses a significant challenge to an individual's career development and that there are as yet few theoretical frameworks that provide a holistic perspective on how to understand and meet this challenge successfully. The outmoded idea that careers can be chosen by matching an individual’s skills and aptitudes to particular work must be replaced by an acknowledgment of both the complexities of the modern labour market and the requirement of individuals to consciously and creatively navigate it. We propose that the Dialogical Self Theory offers a helpful view as it accepts the multi-dimensionality and multi-voiced nature of individuals, who, in order to succeed career wise must be able to construct a flexible and workable narrative and do so as a result of an engaged dialogue where “I”, “meta” and “promoter” positions feature prominently.en
dc.subjectModern Societyen
dc.subjectCareer Developmenten
dc.subjectDialogical Self theoryen
dc.subjectHolistic Perspectiveen
dc.titleThe Self in Career Learning: An Evolving Dialogueen

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