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    • 2010 State of the Nation: K-12 Online Learning in Canada 

      Barbour, Michael K. (2011-02-01)
      This presentation will focus on the 2010 State of the Nation - the third annual survey of K-12 distance education in Canada. This year’s report documents similar trends in the regulation of K-12 distance education from ...
    • Exploring Distance Education Research 

      Zawacki-Richter, Olaf (2011-01-31)
      This presentation summarizes a series of three studies to explore the field of distance education research. The aim of the first study was to develop a validated classification of research areas to organize the body of ...
    • Learning Issues for Online Graduate Students 

      Edmonds, Kelly (2011-02-01)
      Results are shared from a recent doctoral study that explored the leadership implications for delivering online learning in a mainstream Canadian higher education institution by examining the characteristics, attributes, ...
    • Message Interactions in Online Asynchronous Discussions: The Problem of Being “Too Nice” 

      Roulet, Geoffrey (2011-01-31)
      Much research concerning asynchronous online discussion reports quantitative data such as frequency of posting, time online, and number of characters or words. To effectively understand online discourse within education ...
    • Mobile Learning: Solutions & Challenges 

      Koole, Marguerite; Elsayed Meawad, Fatma; de Waard, Inge (2011-02-01)
      In this session, Marguerite Koole, Fatma Elsayed Meawad, and Inge de Waard will describe two mobile learning projects: 1. A project piloting a Java-based system called “MobiGlam”. Through MobiGlam, students accessed ...
    • Moving Online: taking teaching and learning beyond four walls 

      Stephen, Rowe (2011-01-20)
      In this session, Stephen Rowe shares his experiences developing an entirely online offering of an Australian undergraduate course catering to 200 students enrolled across 3 campuses. The model that was developed serves ...
    • Students Perceptions of Effective Teaching in Higher Education: Face-to-face and at a Distance 

      Johnson, Albert (2011-02-01)
      Using a unique online approach to data gathering, students were asked to isolate the characteristics they believe are essential to effective teaching at the university level. An open-ended online survey was made available ...
    • Three Generations of Distance Education Pedagogy 

      Terry, Anderson (2011-01-20)
      In this presentation Terry defines three pedagogical models that have defined distance education programming - behavioural/cognitive, constructionist and connectivist. He talks about the challenges and opportunity afforded ...

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