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dc.contributor.authorFahy, Patrick J.
dc.identifier.issnThe Handbook of Computer Networks
dc.description.abstractCurrent Web-based training (WBT) is based on accumulated research and experience with strategies for improving learning and instruction, beginning in the early part of the twentieth century and continuing to the present. Use of the World Wide Web for delivery may improve access to training, and compelling pedagogical and economic arguments exist for its adoption, but the effectiveness of the resulting training and the usefulness of the outcomes is chiefly dependent on the appropriateness of the technologies used, the quality of the instructional design, and the completeness of the support provided. Factors that affect WBT’s present impact, and that will determine its future quality, include assessment and accommodation of trainees’ previous learning experiences, training expectations, and overall readiness for new training; availability and familiarity to trainees and trainers of appropriate delivery technologies and technical support; opportunities for interaction with the trainer and collaboration with other trainees; the preparation and practices of trainers; managerial support and recognition; trainees’ capacities and expectations for independent and self-directed learning; and the presence and maintenance of relevant online training materials.en
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dc.relation.ispartofseriesVol. 3en
dc.subjectonline trainingen
dc.subjectinternet-based trainingen
dc.subjectcorporate trainingen
dc.subjectonline learningen
dc.subjectmobile learningen
dc.titleWeb-Based Trainingen
dc.typeBook chapteren

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