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dc.contributor.authorFahy, Patrick J.
dc.identifier.citationR Fahy, P. J. (2001). Considerations in planning for online technology in open and distance learning. Global E-Journal of Open and Flexible Learning, 1(1).en
dc.description.abstractOnline technologies, especially computer-based communications tools, potentially permit greater flexibility for users. Preceding these potential advantages, however, are important questions about communications and learning needs, expectations about the organization of the learning environment, and availability of required computer resources. This paper raises some important questions about the uses of online technologies in the context of available technical resources. Answers to these questions should assist in more effective planning for implementation of online technologies, and better understanding of the assumptions underlying their use.en
dc.format.extent214239 bytes
dc.publisherGlobal E-Journal of Open and Flexible Learningen
dc.subjectdistance educationen
dc.subjectonline technologyen
dc.subjectonline learningen
dc.titleConsiderations in Planning for Online Technology in Open and Distance Learningen

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