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    • The Anti- IPA Position Paper: A reply from an Educator 

      McGreal, Rory (2013-05-29)
      This paper is a "REVISED" version of a position paper released by the International Publishers' Association. ALL the arguments that they use against OER are in fact arguments supportive of OER and against commercial content. ...
    • The Campus Alberta Open Educational Resources Initiative 

      Welch, Janet E. (2015-03-13)
      The Campus Alberta Open Educational Resources Initiative ( aims to provide publicly funded post-secondary institutions in Alberta the opportunity to apply for funding to support the assembly, use, development, ...
    • A comparison of AU Press with traditional university presses: Two years later 

      McGreal, Rory; Chen, Nian-Shing; McNamara, Tim (ElPub, 2012-06)
      This paper followus up on an analysis conducted in 2010 comparing an open access press with traditional university presses based on Amazon rankings. The findings support the previous research that there is no significant ...
    • Digital resilience in higher education 

      Weller, Martin; Anderson, Terry (2013-03-21)
      Higher education institutions face a number of opportunities and challenges as the result of the digital revolution. The institutions perform a number of scholarship functions which can be affected by new technologies, and ...
    • Findings from a survey of openness in assessment and accreditation practices in post-secondary institutions 

      Murphy, Angela; Witthaus, Gabi (2013-06-07)
      This working paper shares the findings and lessons learned from a small-scale survey on perceptions, practices and policies relating to openness in assessment and accreditation in post-secondary institutions. The study was ...
    • Flexible paths to assessment for OER learners: A Comparative Study 

      Conrad, Dianne (2012-11-15)
      The opportunities for innovation in the developing OER world are endless. Recognizing learners’ prior experiential learning (RPL), already an innovative practice in many tertiary or post-secondary educational institutions, ...
    • Flexible paths to assessment for OER learners: A comparative study 

      Conrad, Dianne; McGreal, Rory (JIME: Journal of Interactive Media in Education, 2012-12)
      This paper highlights the preliminary findings of a one-year research project (2011) that investigated the fit of recognizing prior learning (RPL) practice and related assessment and transfer protocols to projected OER ...
    • Integrating openness in course design 

      Ives, Cindy (2012-10-26)
      Supporting the widespread availability of OER is a goal that Athabasca University (AU) has embraced through association with the Commonwealth of Learning and by becoming a charter member of the OER University. The use of ...
    • Interaction Equivalency in an OER, MOOCS and Informal Learning Era 

      Miyazoe, Terumi; Anderson, Terry (Journal of Interactive Media in Education, 2013-09)
      This theoretical paper attempts to clarify design issues that the field of education has encountered in the context of OER (Open Educational Resources), Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and increased emphasis on informal ...
    • An Interactive OER Course Development at Athabasca University based on ODL Principles 

      Yan, Hongxin (2014-02-06)
      Failure rates in first year calculus courses are high in most post-secondary institutions across North America and other parts of the world. This Inukshuk-funded open education project involved the development of five ...
    • Introducing MOOCs to Africa: New Economy Skills for Africa Program 

      Boga, Sandi; McGreal, Rory (Commonwealth of Learning, 2014-01)
      MOOCs as a type of globally-networked learning environment (GNLE) could become a very useful delivery model in the developing world – but not necessarily when tied to a specific platform like Coursera. If developing countries ...
    • Issues in OER: Panel Presentation 

      McGreal, Rory; Olcott, Don; Conole, Grainne; Bossu, Carina; Anderson, Terry (2011-03-21)
      Open Educational Resources (OERs) are becoming increasingly popular in educational institutions. OERs include all educational resources - normally digital in nature such as learning objects, open courseware, etc. that can ...
    • Knowledge Series: Creating, Using and Sharing Open Educational Resources 

      McGreal, Rory (Commonwealth of Learning, 2013-10)
      Open Educational Resources (OER) are free learning resources available on the Internet. OER can be openly licensed or in the public domain, and can be used or reused for free. They can exist in many formats: text (either ...
    • Measuring use and creation of open educational resources in higher education 

      McKerlich, Ross; Ives, Cindy; McGreal, Rory (IRRODL, 2013)
      The open educational resources initiative has been underway for over a decade now and higher education institutions are slowly adopting open educational resources (OER). The use and creation of OER are important aspects ...
    • OER Readiness Tool 

      McKerlich, Ross; Ives, Cindy; McGreal, Rory (2013-02-26)
      Survey Instrument of OER use by staff at Athabasca University
    • The OER university: A sustainable model for more affordable education futures 

      Mackintosh, Wayne (2012-10-26)
      Open education provides unprecedented opportunities for universities to provide more affordable access to post-secondary education for all students worldwide. OER is a sustainable and renewable resource. The OER university ...
    • OER's and Sustainable Innovation: Low Cost, Low Risk but High Impact 

      McGreal, Rory; Mackintosh, Wayne (2011-11-04)
      This session will include a description of the UNESCO Chair in OER network including an update on the mandate of the Chair and the developments so far. These include agreement on support for a network of UNESCO Chairs in ...
    • Open Access and Public Policy 

      Pannekoek, Frits (2012-10-26)
      Governments are becoming increasingly aware of the power of open access and the power of the new technologies to liberate and massify learning. Three reactions are worth pondering: those of the learning industries, those ...
    • "Open and Closed" Getting the mix right. Who gets to Decide?? 

      Dron, Jon; Anderson, Terry; Siemens, George (2012-10-26)
      Despite the desirability of "Making Open the Default" as the theme of this year’s open access week, there are many reasons that can and should influence a person and an organization to restrict access to content. In this ...
    • Open education down under: Some national and institutional initiatives. 

      Bossu, Carina (2015-03-13)
      The Open Education movement is growing and gaining importance within the higher education landscape in many developing and developed nations. Unfortunately, this does not seem the case in Australia, as there is still a ...

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