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    • An Inch Wide & A Mile Deep: Southern’s targeted approach to rural revitalization 

      Black, Joe (Making Waves, 2006)
      Having worked for 10 years in the rural outback of Mississippi with a relatively rich array of development finance tools at their disposal, Southern Development Bancorporation had marginal success to point to. Instead of ...
    • New Generation Co-Operatives : Part of a Revitalization Strategy for Rural Communities 

      Herman, Roger; Fulton, Murray (Making Waves, 2001)
      Their exclusiveness puts them at odds with some co-operators and CED activists New Generation Co-operatives are nevertheless proving an effective instrument of rural revitalization, helping producers move up the value chain ...
    • Sustainable Livelihoods 

      Lewis, Mike; Colussi, Michelle; Lockhart, Alexander (Rural Secretariat Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, 2004-06)
      Written as a national policy paper for the Rural Secretariat, this paper provides a succinct and clear overview of several rural trends, challenges, strategies, and policy options for increasing the sustainability of rural ...

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