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    • The Cape Breton Laborers Development Company: A Case Report 

      Stewart, Perry (Centre for Community Enterprise, 1994)
      The main activity of this trade union owned non-profit company is to finance and construct affordable housing. An inspired example of social and economic solidarity at work: the resulting model became recognized well beyond ...
    • Social Enterprise in Human Services and Affordable Housing 

      Lewis, Mike (2007-03-04)
      Human services and affordable housing are two constant themes in the history of CED and the social economy. This is not surprising. How we care for each other, or not, speaks centrally to the character of our social relations ...
    • A Strategic Mismatch: The Implications of Home Ownership Strategies for CED 

      Skelton, Ian; Selig, Cheryl (Making Waves, 2006)
      Affordable housing has been central to strategies of neighborhood renewal since the 1960s. But the push in federal policy away from community or co-operative initiatives in the mid 90’s and towards individual home ownership ...
    • Taking the YouthBuild Challenge 

      Lewis, Mike; Gilson, Bob (Making Waves, 2002)
      Many 21st century dilemmas will defy small-scale solutions. Here's a way to scale up a hugely successful youth at risk program started in the U.S. with some innovative ways of mobilizing Credit Union financing; the aim - ...

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