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    • Concepts and Context 

      Lewis, Mike (2007-03-04)
      This first section of the book introduces key concepts, assumptions and ways of understanding the context within which CED and the social economy have evolved. While making no claim this modest beginning represents some ...
    • Crafting Sustainable Development: A Case Study Of Maine's Coastal Enterprises, Inc. 

      Dickstein, Carla; Branscomb, Diane; Piotti, John; Sheehan, Elizabeth (Making waves, 1999)
      What do community economic development practitioners have to learn from environmentalists? What does environmentalism stand to gain from CED? By implementing a multi-dimensional concept of sustainability, Coastal Enterprises, ...
    • A Day In The Life Of Le Boulot Vers 

      Mottet, Anne-Marie (Making Waves, 2004)
      For nearly a generation now, Montréal's Le Boulot vers ... has been helping young people make the break from poverty, alienation, and dependency, and discover instead a world of opportunity. Most often referred to as a ...
    • Death Of A Co-op: The Quesnel Hardwood Co-Operative 

      Hilbert, Steve (Making Waves, 2003)
      Struggling to survive drastic restructuring in BC's forest industry, small-time harvesters and processors in Quesnel, BC combined forces. They created a co-op to channel "nuisance" birch and aspen into hardwood markets in ...
    • The Ecology Of Success: The Problem Of Scaling Up What Works In CED 

      Lewis, Mike (Making Waves, 2000)
      This is the keystone article of this volume, with respect to the challenge of scaling up innovations achieving demonstrable results. Lizbeth Schorr, one of America’s foremost researchers on the subject, distills the lessons ...
    • The Edmonton Recycling Society: Cutting-Edge Business With A Social Mission 

      Guenter, Cornelius (Making Waves, 1995)
      The Edmonton Recycling Society shows how economic activities can be environmentally sound, provide meaningful employment to people with disabilities, earn a competitive rate of return, and be seen to be one of the top ...
    • The Emilian Model - Profile of a Co-operative Economy 

      Restakis, John (2007-09-18)
      Restakis, John John is a co-investigator in the BALTA node and he is the director of a partner organization, the BC Co-operative Association. Emilia-Romagna is a region in Italy that is among the most economically ...
    • Faith Based Support for CED: God's call for Justice 

      Baum, Gregory (Making Waves, 2001)
      Karl Polanyi did not look upon the reconstruction of society as primarily a political task that could be achieved by a government with socialist ideas. Reconstruction had to be social.
    • Food Facts: How are Canadians Experiencing the Food Wars? 

      Moreland, Frank; Mark, Sandra (Making Waves, 2006)
      Canadians have achieved unprecedented levels of efficiency in the production and distribution of food. So how come it is undermining our health and well-being? "The Food Wars” have turned Canada into a colony and a ...
    • From this Earth: NECRC & the evolution of a development system in Winnipeg's North End 

      Colussi, Michelle; Stewart, Perry (Making Waves, 2002)
      The power and promise of the community development corporation (CDC) lies in the way residents can use it to co-ordinate and focus the energy that people and organizations, near and far, are willing to pour into local ...
    • The Good News from Manitoba: How one provincial government has evolved into a leader in CED policy & programming 

      Loewen, Garry (Making Waves, 2004)
      Garry Loewen explains how Manitoba has evolved into a leader in CED policy and programming. The party in power is one key factor. Another has been the growth over the years of a local "CED community" from which that ...
    • Growth With Equity: Research Reports Best Practice In The USA 

      O’Regan, Fred; Conway, Maureen (Making Waves, 2000)
      Excerpts from "From the Bottom Up: Toward a Strategy for Income and Employment Generation Among the Disadvantaged" (Aspen Institute, 1993) came out about the same time as people in Canada were beginning to organize around ...
    • An Inch Wide & A Mile Deep: Southern’s targeted approach to rural revitalization 

      Black, Joe (Making Waves, 2006)
      Having worked for 10 years in the rural outback of Mississippi with a relatively rich array of development finance tools at their disposal, Southern Development Bancorporation had marginal success to point to. Instead of ...
    • Incrementality - This Strange Term Is Key To Setting Realistic Goals And Standards For CED Practice 

      Cabaj, Mark (Making Waves, 2000)
      Funders and policy analysts have unrealistic notions about evaluating CED, which applies unique combinations of resources to complex social and economic problems. That said, community groups could improve their effectiveness ...
    • Introduction to SE Reader 

      Lewis, Mike (2007-07-20)
      The wide ranging articles in this volume engage us in the critical reflections and learning of individuals, groups, organizations, enterprises and institutions that are in the trenches, actors and researchers who believe ...
    • Kauai Fresh: From food bank to a catalyst of food security 

      Lenthall, Judith F. (Making Waves, 2006)
      As its "Kauai Fresh" food brand demonstrates, Kauai Food Bank Ohana is learning how to give its charitable activities an entrepreneurial edge. Dependency is giving way to capacity and partnerships as this organization ...
    • Learning Community Development Finance: Doing Development in Arkansas 

      Perry, Stewart E. (Making Waves, 2006)
      This thoughtful book review is a rich and fascinating case study of community development finance. The case study is based on ten years of work by an organization started in 1986, called Southern Development Bancorporation. ...
    • Municipal Involvement In Social Enterprise: The Seattle Experience 

      Pomerantz, Mark (Making Waves, 2001)
      Seattle, Washington sets a standard for investment in entrepreneurial solutions in the non-profit sector. They have dedicated money and staff for non-profit capacity building because they believe there will be a return on ...
    • Natural Resources, Local Development, Social Enterprise 

      Lewis, Mike (2007-03-04)
      Mark Cabaj in his “Peoples History” of CED and the Social Economy notes the fundamental and pervasive role of natural resources in the evolution of Canada’s peoples and communities.. Landscapes carved by natural forces ...
    • New Generation Co-Operatives : Part of a Revitalization Strategy for Rural Communities 

      Herman, Roger; Fulton, Murray (Making Waves, 2001)
      Their exclusiveness puts them at odds with some co-operators and CED activists New Generation Co-operatives are nevertheless proving an effective instrument of rural revitalization, helping producers move up the value chain ...

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