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dc.contributor.authorPerry, Stewart E.
dc.descriptionThe social economy in any region or nation will flourish only if there is a supportive infrastructure that engenders and facilitates the local initiative and productivity of individual social economy activities or projects. This infrastructure has to include resources and processes for the mobilization of capital to finance the activities and projects. While there are many possible (and to a very limited extent already accessed) sources for such capital (such as community foundations, churches, government programs, corporations, etc.), one source seems most geared to the values and meaning of the social economy. Because credit unions are member-controlled and focused on the needs of their local communities, credit unions comprise the most obvious and potentially accessible source of development finance for any activities in the social economy. Moreover, the history of the credit union sector suggests that it can expand its significance both locally and nationally.en
dc.description.abstractThis project explores one aspect of development finance in the social economy—namely, the role of the credit union as it appears today in AB and BC. It seeks to describe and analyze a range of activities relevant to the provincial social economies that are currently conducted by selected credit unions. This is intended to highlight the activities that are most productive within the limits of the credit unions’ other priorities. The project will begin with four or more case studies, compare the cases, and extract from this a global analysis of the current and potential place of the credit union in the finance of the social economy.en
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dc.relation.ispartofseriesSERC 3en
dc.relation.ispartofseriesProject C11-2007en
dc.subjectcredit unionsen
dc.subjectfinancial supporten
dc.subjectfinance capitalen
dc.subjectdevelopment financeen
dc.titleProject C11 - Credit Unions as a Financing Source for the Social Economyen
dc.typePlan or blueprinten

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