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    • Final Mapping Report: Environmental Organizations 

      Gismondi, Mike; Ross, Lynda; Marois, Juanita (2014-03-12)
      In 2010 the BALTA Mapping Team completed their survey of social economy organizations in Alberta and British Columbia. An important finding of this Mapping research was that a subsection of the population indicated that ...
    • Mapping the Social Economy in British Columbia and Alberta: Final Report 

      Gismondi, Mike; Ross, Lynda; Marois, Juanita; Affolderbach, Julia; Soots, Lena K.; Smith, Ashley (2013-04-10)
      This report begins to paint an interesting portrait of the social economy in BC and Alberta. It was created through the BC-Alberta Social Economy Research Alliance (BALTA). This alliance was initially started as a 5 year ...

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