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    • Music preferences and civic activism of young people 

      Leung, Ambrose; Kier, Cheryl A. (Journal of Youth Studies, 2008-08-01)
      This study examines the relationship between music preferences and civic activism among 182 participants aged 14-24 years. Our analyses show that participants who regularly listened to certain music genres such as ...
    • Music preferences and young people's attitudes towards spending and saving. 

      Leung, Ambrose; Kier, Cheryl A. (2010-12)
      We aimed to find patterns among young people’s music preferences in relation to their attitudes towards saving or spending money. Previous research found that certain music genres (e.g. rap and dance) are associated with ...
    • Peer crowds, work experience, and financial saving behaviour of young Canadians 

      Erskine, Michele; Kier, Cheryl A.; Leung, Ambrose; Sproule, Robert (Journal of Economic Psychology, 2006)
      The objective of this study is to examine predictors of young people's saving behaviour. The results from probit analysis, using a national survey of 1806 Canadians aged 12–24, reveal that individuals from peer groups ...
    • Searching for Happiness: The Importance of Social Capital. 

      Leung, Ambrose; Kier, Cheryl A.; Fung, Tak Shing; Fung, Linda; Sproule, Robert (2011-06)
      After four decades of research, scholars of happiness continue to debate its causes. While it is generally agreed that a combination of internal and external factors play a role, predicting happiness well remains a ...

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