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    • Graduate students' experiences with research ethics in conducting health research 

      Pentillion, Wendy; Melrose, Sherri; Moore, Sharon L.; Nuttgens, Simon (Research Ethircs, 2016)
      Graduate students typically first experience research ethics when they submit their masters or doctoral research projects for ethics approval. Research ethics boards in Canada review and grant ethical approval for student ...
    • A message from Simone 

      Melrose, Sherri; Shapiro, Bonnie (The Canadian Nurse, 2000-02)
      Many health care professionals are concerned that, at a time of increased patient acuity, few registered nurses are opting for mental health nursing as a career choice. Since student nurses' undergraduate experiences ...
    • Relating nursing theory to students’ life experiences 

      Dowie, Sandra; Park, Caroline L. (Nurse Education Today, 1988)
      Nursing is a dynamic field involving an interaction between scientific research and human need. Theoretical discussions often involve a complex of issues which are difficult to explore adequately in a typical lecture. ...

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