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    • Asynchronous online peer assistance: Telephone messages of encouragement in post licensure nursing programs 

      Melrose, Sherri; Swettenham, Steve (Journal of Peer Learning, 2012)
      Peer assistance activities can strengthen online learning environments. And yet, like other professional adult learners, working post licensure nurses attending university part time to upgrade their credentials may have ...
    • Instructional immediacy online 

      Melrose, Sherri (Information Science Reference, 2009-01)
      Educators in both traditional and online learning events have consistently recognized a link between teachers who demonstrate warm, friendly behaviors and the creation of welcoming interactive learning environments. One ...
    • Instructor immediacy strategies to facilitate group work in online graduate study 

      Melrose, Sherri; Bergeron, Kim (Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 2007)
      An increasing number of online graduate study programs require students to participate in collaborative work projects. And yet, educational research examining instructional strategies that facilitate learning in small ...
    • Online Graduate Study Health Care Learners' Perceptions of Group Work and Helpful Instructional Behaviors. 

      Bergeron, Kim; Melrose, Sherri (I-manager's Journal of Educational Technology, 2006)
      Participating in small group activities has emerged as a trend In online learning events. However, little is known about how graduate students experience online group work and what instructional behaviors are perceived ...
    • Peer E-Mentoring Podcasts in a Self-Paced Course 

      Gordon, Kathryn P.; Melrose, Sherri (Academic Exchange Quarterly, 2011)
      This article describes how podcasts from senior students were used as brief peer mentoring tools in an asynchronous, self-paced, text-based, introductory online nursing course. An increasing number of distance educators ...
    • Skills for succeeding in online graduate studies 

      Melrose, Sherri (Academic Quarterly, 2005-09-22)
      For online graduate learners, knowledge of practical skills that promote successful help seeking that go beyond simply suggesting that students ask their instructor for further direction, are invaluable. Skills for ...

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