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    • Assessing Critical Thinking Processes in a Computer Conference. 

      Fahy, Patrick J. (2007-10-17)
      The practical enquiry model describes a process by which experience leads to understanding though a cyclical process of deliberation-action, perception- conception. The four-phases cycle begins with a triggering event, ...
    • Epistolary and Expository Interaction Patterns in a Computer Conference Transcript 

      Fahy, Patrick J. (Journal of Distance Education, 2002)
      Epistolary and expository discourse types have been associated with gender in earlier research on transcripts from listservs and other unmoderated sources. A procedure for transcript analysis (the Transcript Analysis ...
    • Patterns of Interaction in a Computer Conference Transcript 

      Fahy, Patrick J.; Crawford, Gail; Ally, Mohamed (International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning, 2001-07)
      An analysis of the interaction patterns in an online conference from a distance education graduate course was conducted, using an approach that focused on the transcript's interactional and structural features. A new tool ...
    • Video-Conferencing with Audio Software 

      Baggaley, Jon; Klaas, Jim (The International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning, 2006)
      An online conference is illustrated using the format of a TV talk show. The conference combined live audio discussion with visual images spontaneously selected by the moderator in the manner of a TV control-room director. ...

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