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    • Book Review of Delivering Digitally by Inglis, Ling and Joosten 

      Anderson, Terry (IRRODL, 2002-10)
      We know that significant organizational change must have roots both at the top of an organization and “in the trenches” amongst those who must implement the change. In the middle lies a critical group of middle managers, ...
    • Comparing Weblogs to Threaded Discussion Tools in Online Educational Contexts. 

      Cameron, Donna; Anderson, Terry (International Journal of Instructional Technology and Distance Education., 2006-11)
      Weblogs or blogs are being heralded as the “next big thing” in education. In this article we examine the advantages and disadvantages of this form of Internet-based interaction using the Community of Inquiry model with its ...
    • Social Interaction in Self-paced Distance Education. 

      Anderson, Terry; Upton, Lorne; Dron, Jon; Malone, Judi (Open Praxis, 2015)
      In this paper we present a case study of a self-paced university course that was originally designed to support independent, self-paced study at distance. We developed a social media intervention, in design-based research ...

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