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dc.description.abstractSynergia will be organizing its first face-to-face program at the Synergia Summer Institute, September 4 - 23, at Monte Ginezzo in Tuscany. Transition to Co-operative Commonwealth - Pathways to a New Political Economy, is an intensive 3-week program that will cover Synergia's key online course subjects and feature many of our course developers and collaborators as instructors and workshop leaders. The course unites the global with the local through the diffusion of ideas, models, and practices that advance game-changing solutions in the following key areas: • Co-operative Capital & Social Finance; Alternative Currencies • Co-op & Commons-Based housing & Land Tenure; Community Land Trusts • Renewable Energy; Community-owned energy systems • Local & Sustainable food systems; Community Supported Agriculture • User-controlled health & social care; Social & Community Service Co-ops • Co-operative and Commons Governance • Platform Co-operatives, Digital Commons & Peer-to-Peer productions systems • Convergence and the New Political Economy; Principles, Propositions, and Practices This document provides the detailed Synergia program for further information about content, the program structure, instructors, fees and other details.en
dc.description.sponsorshipSynergia ; Synergia Instituteen
dc.subjectsummer instituteen
dc.subjectco-operative commonwealthen
dc.subjectnew political economyen
dc.titleSynergia Summer Institute – Monte Ginezzo, Tuscany - Transition to Co-operative Commonwealth: Pathways to a new political economyen

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