Recent Submissions

  • Problems for the Italian-Canadian Writer and Critic: A Discussion in Three Parts 

    Pivato, Joseph J. (University of Toronto, Iacobucci Centre, 2009)
    Part One: The State of the Art; Part Two: Younger Writers; Part Three: The Burdens of History for the Italian
  • Twenty Years of Change: The Paradox of Italian-Canadian Writers 

    Pivato, Joseph J. (Strange Peregrinations, 2006)
    The most significant development which has taken place among Italian-Canadian writers since 1986 is the great amount of writing and publication. This was not supposed to happen according to most opinions. I recall that for ...
  • Cosmic Ear: Calabrian Writers in Canada 

    Pivato, Joseph J. (Australasian Canadian Studies, 2005)
    "Our House is in a Cosmic Ear" is the title of a poem by Antonino Mazza, a poet and translator who epitomizes Calabrian writers in Canada. Calabrians constitute a very large proportion of the Italians in Canada. There are ...
  • Friulani Writers in Canada: Elegy for the Future 

    Pivato, Joseph J. (Udine: Forum, 2005)
    One day we got lost in Pordenone. On a long drive from Udine to Bassano we took a wrong turn and found ourselves in a newly built area of Pordenone. The streets, sidewalks, green lawns and house designs were all a reproduction ...
  • Five–Fold Translation in the Theatre of Marco Micone 

    Pivato, Joseph J. (Canadian Theatre Review, 2001)
    In the complex relationship between the literatures of English Canada and Quebec translation has played an important role. Now with the emergence of ethnic minority writing in Canada this binary model of the literary ...
  • Shirt and the Happy Man: Theory and Politics in Ethnic Minority Writing 

    Pivato, Joseph J. (Canadian Ethnic Studies, 1996)
    Ethnic minority writing in Canada was once a neglected field not only by Canadianists promoting a canon for a national literature, but also by theorists who focused on the great works from major European languages as the ...
  • Representation of Ethnicity as Problem: Essence or Construction 

    Pivato, Joseph J. (Journal of Canadian Studies, 1996)
    The reading and study of ethnic minority writing repeatedly confront the problem of representation, and raise many questions in the debate between essentialism and social construction and implications for the issues of ...
  • An Italian Jesuit in Canada: Faith and the Imagination in the 'Breve Relatione' of 1653 

    Pivato, Joseph J. (2010-06-23)
    Bressani published his Breve Relatione in Italian in 1653. He had spent the years 1642 to 1650 in New France as a Jesuit missionary. As a Jesuit he was aware of the expansion of the European powers in the New World: ...

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