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dc.contributor.authorJugdev, Kam
dc.contributor.authorWishart, Paul
dc.identifier.citationJugdev, Kam, & Wishart, Paul. (2013, June 9-11). Learning and sharing on projects through relational dynamics. Paper presented at the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada, Calgary, ABen
dc.descriptionPaper presented at the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada, Calgary, ABen
dc.description.abstractIn the traditional sense, project reviews and communities of practice were considered cornerstones for lessons learned. Although advantageous, both mechanisms have limitations. This study develops an understanding of how individuals learned and shared their project knowledge. We interviewed 15 project managers from various industries and analyzed the data using grounded theory methodology. The primary mechanism for sharing lessons learned was based on relational dynamics. Mutual caring emerged as the basic social psychological process used to address the main concern of habituation through which individuals used spinning, pushing and resisting practices. Awareness was necessary to enable them to transition from habituation towards the core variable of mutual caring. In mutual caring, individuals gain traction through comfortable conversations with trusted advisors (experts in project management), sharing and engaging in discussions, developing self-confidence and contributing to the wisdom pool – all in the context of sharing project management learning and knowledge. The study findings relate to the concept of care in management.en
dc.subjectProject managementen
dc.subjectLessons learneden
dc.subjectCommunitites of practiceen
dc.subjectGrounded theoryen
dc.subjectRelational dynamicsen
dc.subjectCare in managementen
dc.titleLearning and sharing on projects through relational dynamics.en

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