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    • Making Equitable Education in Rural China through Distance Education 

      McQuaide, Shiling (2011-03-29)
      China has made great strides toward universalizing basic education in rural areas over the past two decades, yet wide urban-rural and East-West disparities in schooling access and quality not only remain, but are growing. ...
    • Northern Lights with Five Satellites 

      Connors, Martin (2011-03-29)
      Athabasca's contribution to studying the science of the Northern Lights started nearly 10 years ago with precision measurement of their magnetic fields. We now measure that effect in a number of places in North America ...
    • Peak Oil: An Ongoing Case Study in Unsuccessful Avoidance Behaviour 

      Grant, Lyle (2011-03-29)
      Peak oil is the point at which oil production reaches a maximum value and thereafter declines. Because of the dependence of industrialized society on oil, peak oil may be one of the most important, possibly cataclysmic, ...
    • Reimagining Globalization: An Unfamiliar Narrative? 

      Shrivastava, Meenal (2011-03-29)
      As an idea or concept, globalization finds expression in the rhetoric and rationale for social and political action almost everywhere. However, the ebb and flow of this debate has ranged from declaring the 'End of History' ...
    • Transboundary Conservation: Citizens, Security, and Cross Border Collaboration 

      Stefanick, Lorna (2011-03-29)
      This talk examines the evolution of transboundary conservation initiatives; specifically, initiatives in the Rocky Mountains of southern Alberta and northern Montana. This is the home of the world's first Peace Park, the ...

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