Recent Submissions

  • Formal Student Debating: Does It Work Online? 

    Vandall-Walker, Virginia (2011-04-01)
    Formal debating is a process for argumentation that has a long history of use in classroom settings to promote the development of skills associated with critical thinking and influencing others. In Athabasca Unviersity's ...
  • "Narcissism and Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD): Where are they now?" 

    Pivato, Emma (2011-03-30)
    1. How narcissism has been conceptualized throughout our recorded history, 2. When and why the narcissistic shift in our society began, 3. Why the DSM-5 study group has eliminated NPD from its official list of personality ...
  • Am I Allowed to Make It Up? The Art of Writing Historical Novels 

    Boyden, Joseph (2011-03-30)
    As a younger writer, I attempted to write an historical novel without really knowing what I was getting into. Almost five years later, it was published under the title "Three Day Road". I look forward to talking about ...

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