Recent Submissions

  • Educational Social Software 

    Anderson, Terry (2011-03-09)
    A new genre of net based tools that are designed to support social connections, among students. They usually include blogging, profiling, filtering, and cooperative learning tools. Through discussion and demonstration ...
  • Understanding How Manufacturers and Retailers Use Sales Promotion 

    Sigue, Simon (2011-03-09)
    Do promotions increase or reduce retail prices in the long run? Long-term effects of promotions on sales and brand goodwill are well documented in marketing literature. However, knowledge about how best to integrate these ...
  • AU Research Ethics Processes 

    Fahy, Patrick J.; Green, Janice (2011-03-09)
    Why do we have a Research Ethics Board (REB)? Where can research ethics training and resources be found? Do we have expedited review? What is "AU Institutional Permission", and when is it needed? Dr. Patrick Fahy, REB ...
  • Elluiminate Webconferencing in the Distributed University 

    Anderson, Terry (2011-03-09)
    Elluminate is the leading provider of live Web conferencing and eLearning solutions for the real-time organization. Serving corporate and academic sectors, the company ensures the best user experience through superior ...

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