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dc.contributor.authorMcKeon, Bob
dc.contributor.authorMadsen, Catherine
dc.contributor.authorRodrigo, James
dc.description.abstractCommunity organizations in what is now called the social economy have been an important part of Canadian economic and community development for generations. Local communities from coast to coast to coast have organized grass-roots economic initiatives to provide needed jobs, goods and services when the dominant economic systems have proved to be inadequate. In many cases, religious faith organizations and faith-inspired individuals have been key players in the development of the social economy in Canada. Up until recently, these faith organizations were associated almost entirely with Christian churches and religious organizations. In recent years in Canada, there have been social economy initiatives connected to organizations and individuals from different world religions including Aboriginal spirituality. This research project examined the role and impact of faith-based organizations in the social economy in Western Canada.en
dc.description.sponsorshipBC-Alberta Social Economy Research Alliance (BALTA) ; Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)en
dc.publisherBC-Alberta Social Economy Research Alliance (BALTA)en
dc.subjectsocial economyen
dc.subjectfaith-based organizationsen
dc.titleFaith-Based Organizations Engaged in the Social Economy in Western Canadaen

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