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    • 1st International Workshop on Technology-Enhanced Social Learning - TESL2011 

      Lin, Fuhua (Oscar) (2011-11-18)
      This paper presents an ongoing project that builds engaging, affectionate, and effective pedagogical agents in 3D virtual worlds for learning. Utilizing the theory of Transformed Social Interaction (TSI), we design pedagogical ...
    • Designing a Multiagent System for Course-Offering Determination 

      Lin, Fuhua (Oscar) (2014-01-16)
      This paper describes the design of a multiagent system that facilitates course-offering decision making for a program in an institution. We first model course offering determination for upcoming semester as a multi-winner ...
    • Integrating JADE Agents into Moodle 

      Lin, Fuhua (Oscar) (2010-06-23)
      This paper presents an approach to integrating the JADE-based multiagent system with the Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (Moodle) -- an open source learning management system. This approach overcomes ...
    • An MAS Approach to Course Offering Determination 

      Lin, Fuhua (Oscar) (2013-03-05)
      Course-offering determination (COD) for educational programs is the complex task of deciding what subset of courses an academic department or program should offer in a given academic term or semester. In this paper, we ...
    • QuizMASter – A Multi-Agent Game-Style Learning Activity 

      Lin, Fuhua (Oscar) (2009-08-12)
      This paper describes a research project in progress of developing a Multi-Agent System-based educational game QuizMASter for e-learning that would help students learn their course material through friendly competition. ...
    • An SMS Based Querying System for Mobile Learning 

      Wen, Dunwei; Xiong, Jiangqiang; Ally, Mohamed; Lin, Fuhua (Oscar) (2007-10-05)
      Mobile phone is the most widely used mobile device. Every mobile phone user can conveniently communicate with each other through SMS (Short Message Service) text messages at very low price. It is so commonly used that, in ...

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