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dc.contributor.authorBriton, Derek
dc.identifier.citationBriton, D. (1997). Psychoanalysis and pedagogy: Or teaching/research/writing as a living practice. In T. Carson, & D. Sumara (Eds.). Action research as a living practice(45–59). New York: Peter Lang.en
dc.description.abstractThe veil of representation actually conceals nothing; there is nothing behind representation. Yet the fact that representation seems to hide, to put an arbored screen of signifiers in front of something hidden beneath, is not treated by Lacan as a simple error that the subject can undo; nor is this deceptiveness of language treated as something that undoes the subject, deconstructs its identity by menacing its boundaries. Rather, language’s opacity is taken as the very cause of the subject’s being, that is, its desire, or want-to-be. The fact that it is materially impossible to say the whole truth—that truth always backs away from language, that words always fall short of their goal—founds the subject.1en
dc.format.extent87213 bytes
dc.publisherNew York: Peter Langen
dc.titlePsychoanalysis and Pedagogy: Or Teaching/Research/Writing as a Living Practiceen
dc.typeBook chapteren

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