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dc.contributor.authorTurok, Ivan
dc.descriptionSuccess depends on local conditions, such as the history of voluntary sector activity and community activism, which cannot be wished into existence by policy-makers. The importance of place and local context in influencing the nature and effectiveness of social enterprises is a recurrent theme of the book. The sector’s overall economic achievements have been modest in relation to policy expectations. Third, the social economy cannot substitute for the welfare state either. Fourth, the authors argue strongly against the tendency in government to view the social economy as a localised solution to the problems of social exclusion. The causes of poverty and exclusion generally lie beyond neighbourhoods in wider economic and social processesen
dc.description.abstractThis book offers a challenging assessment of the merits of the social economy, with far-reaching implications for policy and attitudes towards the social economy. It analyses the performance of this sector in different parts of Britain against the various expectations that have built up. The result is a sobering account of experience on the ground and a thoroughgoing critique of current aspirations and assumptions about the purpose and impact of the sector.en
dc.format.extent51678 bytes
dc.subjectsocial economyen
dc.titleReview of Placing the Social Economy by Amin, Cameron, Hudson in 2002en

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