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dc.contributor.authorLin, Norman
dc.contributor.authorMase, Kenji
dc.description.abstractWe describe the design and implementation of an audio-based computer system for mobile, non-visual learning of the meaning and writing of "kanji" characters: the thousands of multi-stroke Chinese characters used in the Japanese logographic writing system. Our system is designed for use by non-native learners of Japanese as a foreign language. The key feature of our system is its innovative use of a purely audio-based system for a learning task that is normally considered to be a primarily visual task (the task of learning kanji). By using a purely audio-based approach, our system allows mobile, any-time, any-place learning of kanji. This any-time, any-place learning capability is especially important because it greatly increases the ability of the student to review and practice kanji in mobile learning situations even while visual attention is not available. Evaluation results show that the instructional method used by our system leads to development of the memory skills needed for kanji fluency.en
dc.description.sponsorshipNagoya University Graduate School of Information Scienceen
dc.format.extent734298 bytes
dc.subjectaudio learningen
dc.subjectlearning kanjien
dc.titleAn Audio-Based Approach to Mobile Learning of Japanese Kanji Charactersen

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    Collection of papers presented at 2006 mLearn Conference

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