My main area of research relates to educational technology in clinical practice. The work of our Technology Enhanced Health Practice Education Research Team can be found on the CNHS website at:<br> Graduate students with an interest in studying mobile technology, simulation or Internet applications are encouraged to contact me at: <br> <br>Melrose, S., Park, C. &amp; Perry, B. (2013). Teaching health professionals online: Frameworks and Strategies. AU Press: Athabasca, AB, Canada. Download your free PDF at<br><br> <U>Mobile Learning</U> <br> Kenny, R.F., Van Neste-Kenny, J.M.C., Burton, P.A. Park, C.L. &amp; Qayyum, A. (2012). Using self-efficacy to assess the readiness of nursing educators and students for mobile learning. International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning, 13(3). <br> <br> Lamarche, K. &amp; Park, C.L. (2012). 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From interdisciplinary to transdisciplinary research. <I>Qualitative Health Research,18</I>(4):57-564.<br><br> <U>Miscellaneous</U> <br> Park, C. &amp; Hughes, L. (1997). New nursing graduates: A key factor in nursing supply. <I>Canadian Journal of Nursing Administration,10</I>(1).<br><br> Park, C. (1990). The child's right to care-by-parent. <I>Through the Looking Glass: Children and Health Promotion.</I> Canadian Public Health Association, Ottawa, Canada.<br><br> Morse, J. M. &amp; Park, C. (1988). Home Births and Hospital Deliveries: A Comparison of the Perceived Painfulness of Parturition. <I>Research in Nursing and Health, 11</I>, 175-181.<br><br> Morse, J. M. &amp; Park, C. (1988). Differences in cultural expectations of the perceived painfulness of parturition. In K. Michaelson (Ed.), <I>Culture of Childbirth in America.</I> S. Hadley, MA.: Bergin &amp; Garvey.<br><br> Dowie, S. &amp; Park, C. (1988). 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