The Gateways project is a PLAR Project funded by the Department of Human Resources and Skills Development and developed in collaboration with partners from institutions and agencies across Canada and Athabasca University to:<br><br> * Demonstrate That PLAR is an integral part of post-secondary credential completion and outcome-based employment eligibility in the Human Services sector.<br> * Develop PLAR tools at an entry, diploma, advanced and degree completion level.<br> * Complete the process with a minimum of 100 practitioners.<br> * Communicate the activities and results of the project to a range of employers, professional associations, colleges and universities to broaden the use, acceptance and recognition of these awards.<br> * Track and measure participants' success in achieving their educational and employment goals to evaluate the success of the project. <br><br> <b>Project Objectives</b><br> 1. PLAR tools will be collaboratively developed with gateways' partners - colleges, universities, government departments or agencies, professional association, and employers.<br> 2. The PLAR tools, including resources and supports will be implemented and evaluated for their validity, reliability, effectiveness and ease of use.<br> 3. Student success in program completion and employer satisfaction will be tracked.<br> 4. The PLAR outcomes will also be measured qualitatively and quantitatively for their academic and cost effectiveness.<br> 5. Dissemination of results will include ongoing communication with partners, employers and educators in the human services field by means of face-to-face meetings, conference presentations, publications and a website. <br><br> <b>Hypothesis and Measurable Outcomes</b><br> The project hypothesizes that<br> 1. The inclusion of PLAR in credential completion produces a positive indicator of future success in education and employment in the human services.<br> 2. The PLAR process is valid/reliable assessment of formal/informal learning.<br> 3. Under-served practitioners (individuals who presently have little opportunity to obtain formal education based on their lack of formal credentials) benefit from PLAR for career advancement. <br>

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  • PLAR Presentations (September 2005)

    The Pan-Canadian Gateways Project on PLAR met with their advisory committee members on September 21 - 23, 2005. As an activity thought to be of interest to a more global community, several advisory members presented on ...

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