The Gateways project is a PLAR Project funded by the Department of Human Resources and Skills Development and developed in collaboration with partners from institutions and agencies across Canada and Athabasca University to:

* Demonstrate That PLAR is an integral part of post-secondary credential completion and outcome-based employment eligibility in the Human Services sector.
* Develop PLAR tools at an entry, diploma, advanced and degree completion level.
* Complete the process with a minimum of 100 practitioners.
* Communicate the activities and results of the project to a range of employers, professional associations, colleges and universities to broaden the use, acceptance and recognition of these awards.
* Track and measure participants' success in achieving their educational and employment goals to evaluate the success of the project.

Project Objectives
1. PLAR tools will be collaboratively developed with gateways' partners - colleges, universities, government departments or agencies, professional association, and employers.
2. The PLAR tools, including resources and supports will be implemented and evaluated for their validity, reliability, effectiveness and ease of use.
3. Student success in program completion and employer satisfaction will be tracked.
4. The PLAR outcomes will also be measured qualitatively and quantitatively for their academic and cost effectiveness.
5. Dissemination of results will include ongoing communication with partners, employers and educators in the human services field by means of face-to-face meetings, conference presentations, publications and a website.

Hypothesis and Measurable Outcomes
The project hypothesizes that
1. The inclusion of PLAR in credential completion produces a positive indicator of future success in education and employment in the human services.
2. The PLAR process is valid/reliable assessment of formal/informal learning.
3. Under-served practitioners (individuals who presently have little opportunity to obtain formal education based on their lack of formal credentials) benefit from PLAR for career advancement.

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