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    • Libraries of the Future: An Australian Research Library Perspective 

      Kent, Philip (2013-03-06)
      Following the development of the University of Melbourne's new scholarly information strategy in 2008 the Library has been reinvigorated. The presentation will cover new Library initiatives to advance the university’s ...
    • From Gatekeeping to Gate Opening: An Evolving Role for Academic Libraries 

      Bell, Steven (2013-02-26)
      In the past the academic library has focused its energy on building collections and developing mechanisms to provide access to content. Library services developed around the role of being the gatekeeper to the content, be ...
    • What a librarian can bring to your open online course development team. 

      MacIsaac, Peggy Lynn (2012-10-29)
      need to add abstract
    • Athabasca River Basin Research Institute Repository: Enhancing open access, education and research 

      Carter, Lisa; Tin, Tony (2012-10-26)
      The Athabasca River Basin Research Institute (ARBRI) supports interdisciplinary research and knowledge transfer of the Athabasca River Basin, an area of more than 159,000 km2 that is distinct by its watersheds, lands, ...
    • Contribution of AU's e-Lab initiative to Open Access and OER Development 

      Ellerman, Evelyn (2012-10-26)
      All universities have labs where research and teaching are conducted, where the physical tools of research and teaching are stored, where people get together to talk about their work and their ideas, and where the results ...
    • Sleeping with the Elephant – Leveraging AU’s Position through Open Courseware 

      Connors, Martin (2012-10-26)
      There has been an explosion of content in open (and not-so-open) forms in recent years, much of it highly relevant to Distance Education. It can be asserted that AU’s claim to fame is less the creation of content than the ...
    • Much Open Online Content (mooc) 

      Schafer, Steve (2012-10-26)
      There have been transformations in libraries in at least three areas over the past number of years. First, in the area of service there is a transformation from users coming to the library to a model of the library reaching ...
    • Integrating openness in course design 

      Ives, Cindy (2012-10-26)
      Supporting the widespread availability of OER is a goal that Athabasca University (AU) has embraced through association with the Commonwealth of Learning and by becoming a charter member of the OER University. The use of ...
    • "Open and Closed" Getting the mix right. Who gets to Decide?? 

      Dron, Jon; Anderson, Terry; Siemens, George (2012-10-26)
      Despite the desirability of "Making Open the Default" as the theme of this year’s open access week, there are many reasons that can and should influence a person and an organization to restrict access to content. In this ...
    • Open Access and Public Policy 

      Pannekoek, Frits (2012-10-26)
      Governments are becoming increasingly aware of the power of open access and the power of the new technologies to liberate and massify learning. Three reactions are worth pondering: those of the learning industries, those ...
    • The OER university: A sustainable model for more affordable education futures 

      Mackintosh, Wayne (2012-10-26)
      Open education provides unprecedented opportunities for universities to provide more affordable access to post-secondary education for all students worldwide. OER is a sustainable and renewable resource. The OER university ...
    • OER and Mobile Learning 

      McGreal, Rory (2012-10-25)
      Open Educational Resources (OER) constitute an important resource with the potential to facilitate the expansion of mobile learning worldwide. The flexibility, both technological and legal afforded by openly licensed ...
    • Ed.D. Orientation, 2012 

      Fabbro, Elaine (2012-08-15)
    • Open Minds Open Access - Conference Presentation 

      Schafer, Steve (2012-05-11)
      Digital Collections - What's out there?, How do you find it?, How do you know what you can do with it? This presentation is one of three presentations at the Open Minds Open Access Conference, held on May 10, 2012, at ...
    • OER's and Sustainable Innovation: Low Cost, Low Risk but High Impact 

      McGreal, Rory; Mackintosh, Wayne (2011-11-04)
      This session will include a description of the UNESCO Chair in OER network including an update on the mandate of the Chair and the developments so far. These include agreement on support for a network of UNESCO Chairs in ...
    • Road to Mobile Learning 

      Elliott, Colin (mLearn 2011, 2011)
      To meet the needs of students, and fulfill Athabasca University‘s mission to remove barriers to learning, Athabasca University (AU) Library has initiated a number of mobile learning projects.The poster ―Road to Mobile ...
    • Panel on Moving to Open Educational Resources at Athabasca University 

      Ives, Cindy; Carter, Lisa; Tin, Tony; Elliott, Colin (2011-10-27)
      Dr. Cindy Ives, Director of the Centre for Learning Design and Development (CLDD) at Athabasca University, discusses recent projects in the CLDD that have focused on open educational resources including initiatives to ...
    • Making Sense of Complexity in Open Information Environments 

      Siemens, George (2011-10-27)
      In the pursuit of openness, the cognitive experience of the learners and educators are often overlooked. Open educational resources present fragmented views of topics: a TedTalk video here, an Open Yale lecture there, an ...
    • Post Secondary Leadership and the OER Movement 

      Pannekoek, Frits (2011-10-27)
      ER provide both opportunity and anxiety to University Administrators. While they see possible savings, at the same time they see new expenditures without accompanying revenues. Little understanding exists by either ...
    • Fun and Fear in Open Spaces 

      Anderson, Terry; Dron, Jon (2011-10-27)
      This presentation presents the theory and practice of Open Learning as implemented in Athabasca University’s Beyond the LMS social networking system. The presentation discusses the motivation , design and challenges ...

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