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    • A Day In The Life Of Le Boulot Vers 

      Mottet, Anne-Marie (Making Waves, 2004)
      For nearly a generation now, Montréal's Le Boulot vers ... has been helping young people make the break from poverty, alienation, and dependency, and discover instead a world of opportunity. Most often referred to as a ...
    • Music preferences and young people's attitudes towards spending and saving. 

      Leung, Ambrose; Kier, Cheryl A. (2010-12)
      We aimed to find patterns among young people’s music preferences in relation to their attitudes towards saving or spending money. Previous research found that certain music genres (e.g. rap and dance) are associated with ...
    • Taking the YouthBuild Challenge 

      Lewis, Mike; Gilson, Bob (Making Waves, 2002)
      Many 21st century dilemmas will defy small-scale solutions. Here's a way to scale up a hugely successful youth at risk program started in the U.S. with some innovative ways of mobilizing Credit Union financing; the aim - ...

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