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    • An Inch Wide & A Mile Deep: Southern’s targeted approach to rural revitalization 

      Black, Joe (Making Waves, 2006)
      Having worked for 10 years in the rural outback of Mississippi with a relatively rich array of development finance tools at their disposal, Southern Development Bancorporation had marginal success to point to. Instead of ...
    • New Generation Co-Operatives : Part of a Revitalization Strategy for Rural Communities 

      Herman, Roger; Fulton, Murray (Making Waves, 2001)
      Their exclusiveness puts them at odds with some co-operators and CED activists New Generation Co-operatives are nevertheless proving an effective instrument of rural revitalization, helping producers move up the value chain ...
    • Project B1 - Understanding the role of the social economy in advancing rural revitalization and development. 

      Beckie, Mary; Aasgard, Michele; Markey, Sean; Lockhart, Sandy (2007-04-10)
      This project will build upon the broad literature review currently being conducted for SERC II, and will focus on the role that social enterprises in specific resource sectors play in sustaining and revitalizing rural ...
    • Rural Sociological Barriers to Adoption of Conservation and Food safety in Rural Alberta 

      Mitchell, Ross; Alberta Research Council; Alberta Environmental Farm Plan Company; Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development (2007-08-28)
      This project was premised on the belief that adoption of conservation and food safety beneficial management practices is affected not only by economic factors, but also by a host of other socio-psychological variables. ...
    • Sustainable Livelihoods 

      Lewis, Mike; Colussi, Michelle; Lockhart, Alexander (Rural Secretariat Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, 2004-06)
      Written as a national policy paper for the Rural Secretariat, this paper provides a succinct and clear overview of several rural trends, challenges, strategies, and policy options for increasing the sustainability of rural ...

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