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    • Factors Affecting the Development and Use of Learning Objects 

      Moisey, Susan D.; Ally, Mohamed; Spencer, Bruce (The American Journal of Distance Education, 2006)
      This study explored barriers and facilitating factors affecting the development and use of learning objects in developing instructional materials and their use in supporting individualized learning. Over a two-month ...
    • Rural Sociological Barriers to Adoption of Conservation and Food safety in Rural Alberta 

      Mitchell, Ross; Alberta Research Council; Alberta Environmental Farm Plan Company; Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development (2007-08-28)
      This project was premised on the belief that adoption of conservation and food safety beneficial management practices is affected not only by economic factors, but also by a host of other socio-psychological variables. ...
    • WWW to Support Classroom Teaching 

      Anderson, Terry; Joerg, Werner B. (Canadian Journal of Educational Communications, 1996)
      Abstract: This paper evaluates the usage and perceived usefulness of the World Wide Web (WWW) to support classroom delivery of University courses. The study used qualitative and quantitative tools focusing on two ...

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