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    • 2010 State of the Nation: K-12 Online Learning in Canada 

      Barbour, Michael K. (2011-02-01)
      This presentation will focus on the 2010 State of the Nation - the third annual survey of K-12 distance education in Canada. This year’s report documents similar trends in the regulation of K-12 distance education from ...
    • Adoption of Technology Enhanced Learning in Higher Education 

      Parchoma, Gale (2008-09-03)
      This presentation is based on Dr. Parchoma’s recently published (May 2008) book, Adoption of Technology Enhanced Learning in Higher Education. The presentation reports the findings of a study of the influences of organizational ...
    • A Framework for Enabling Incidental Learning on the Web 

      Wang, Hongxue (Harris) (2014-01-16)
      Incidental learning is learning something without intent, which usually happens at the time that is not dedicated to learn that thing. Examples of such time include work, game play and activities for leisure. In today’s ...
    • A New Era in Distance Education 

      Cleveland-Innes, Martha (2011-03-30)
      2) A New Era in Distance Education Dr. Martha Cleveland-Innes, Associate Professor of Distance Education at AU, is co-editor with Dr. D. Randy Garrison of the University of Calgary, of a new book, An Introduction to ...
    • QuizMASter – A Multi-Agent Game-Style Learning Activity 

      Lin, Fuhua (Oscar) (2009-08-12)
      This paper describes a research project in progress of developing a Multi-Agent System-based educational game QuizMASter for e-learning that would help students learn their course material through friendly competition. ...
    • Something Old, Something New: Reflective Journals and Social Networking 

      Baig, Veronica (2011-05-17)
      The practice of writing journals is a tried and tested method for developing student writing skills and reflection on the process of writing. With current technology, this method can be updated and given a new dimension ...

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