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    • Analysis of Additive Binary Valued Cellular Automata Using Roots of Unity 

      Voorhees, Burt (2009-11-26)
      This paper considers binary valued additive cellular automata rules acting on cylinders of size n in terms of circulant matrices and roots of unity. The purpose is to illustrate some of the possibilities of such an approach. ...
    • "Cognitive Illusions and the History of Science" 

      Voorhees, Burt (2011-03-29)
      A Cognitive illusion is the mental analogue of an optical illusion. In an optical illusion we see something as other than it is and, even knowing this to be the case, continue to experience the illusion. In a cognitive ...
    • Models for Strategy Choice in Random or Potentially Deceptive Environments 

      Voorhees, Burt (2010-07-14)
      Two simulation models are presented illustrative of decision and behavioural choice issues for complex adaptive systems involving cognitive agents. The first illustrates the value of managed instability for complex systems. ...
    • Virtual Stability: Constructing a Simulation Model” 

      Voorhees, Burt (2010-06-23)
      After a discussion of the importance of stability and instability for complex systems theory we define the concept of virtual stability as a state in which a system employs self-monitoring and adaptive control to maintain ...

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