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    • The Ethics of Internet-Based Counselling Services 

      Nuttgens, Simon (2013-07-09)
      The rapid growth of Internet technologies has brought new opportunities for the design and delivery of counselling services. As little as 10 years ago e-counselling and similar services were at the periphery of the profession; ...
    • Graduate students' experiences with research ethics in conducting health research 

      Pentillion, Wendy; Melrose, Sherri; Moore, Sharon L.; Nuttgens, Simon (Research Ethircs, 2016)
      Graduate students typically first experience research ethics when they submit their masters or doctoral research projects for ethics approval. Research ethics boards in Canada review and grant ethical approval for student ...
    • Moral Distress within the Counselor - Supervisory Relationship 

      Nuttgens, Simon (2011-11-03)
      Moral distress, an ethical concern that runs across many health professions, is described as the experience of knowing the morally right thing to do, yet not doing it due to personal, social, or institutional constraints. ...
    • Research Ethics Review Processes: Potential Teaching Tools for Health Professions Students 

      Petillion, Wendy; Melrose, Sherri; Moore, Sharon L.; Nuttgens, Simon (Scientific Open Access Journals, 2017-10)
      This article highlights how research ethics review processes have the potential to be used as teaching tools. Health professions students at the graduate level often conduct research involving human participants as part ...
    • Stories of Aboriginal Children Raised in NonAboriginal Families 

      Nuttgens, Simon (2009-06-08)
      Despite the significant number of transracial Aboriginal adoptions that haven taken place in Canada, little research is available that addresses the psychological and psychosocial ramifications for the children involved. ...

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