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    • The Home Office: Dream, Reality, and In-Between” 

      Ng, Cheuk (2010-06-23)
      With rapid advances in information and telecommunication technologies, home-based telecommuting has become quite popular in recent years, especially among knowledge workers. Proponents claim several benefits for the ...
    • Housing of Immigrants: Some Psychological Issues 

      Ng, Cheuk (2011-06-29)
      International migration is a common phenomenon. The housing of an immigrant’s host society can be very different from that of the society of origin. As new immigrants’ experiences of and expectation about housing (e.g., ...
    • Working Anytime Anywhere: Mobile Knowledge Workers 

      Ng, Cheuk (2014-01-16)
      Recent advances in mobile technologies and the popular use of mobile devices in our daily lives suggest that knowledge worker can now work from anywhere at any time, or while on the move. Is this true? Research suggests ...
    • Workplaces of Teleworkers 

      Ng, Cheuk (2010-07-14)
      Teleworking has become quite popular in developed countries in recent years, but its growth has stabilized. A comfortable work environment at home is often cited as one key advantage of teleworking from home. Little ...

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