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    • Carcinogenicity of saccharin in laboratory animals and humans: letter to Dr. Harry Conacher of Health Canada 

      Bell, Warren; Clapp, Richard; Davis, Devra; Epstein, Samuel; Farber, Emmanuel; Fox, Donald A.; Holub, Bruce; Jacobson, Michael F.; Lijinsky, William; Millstone, Erik; Reuber, Melvin D.; Suzuki, David; Temple, Norman J. (International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health, 2002-10)
      We appreciate this opportunity to provide input to the Health Protection Branch's (HPB's) review of the artificial sweetener saccharin. Concerns with regard to the safety of saccharin are of great public health significance ...
    • Editorial policies on financial disclosure 

      Jacobson, Michael F.; Sharpe, Virginia A.; Temple, Norman J. (Nature Neuroscience, 2003-10)
      Comments on a review article concerning treatments for mood disorders published in the periodical 'Nature Neuroscience.' Editorial policy that permitted the author of the review to remain silent about his patent and other ...

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