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    • Audiographic network: A guide for new users (Réseau audiographique: Guide pour les nouveaux utilisateurs) 

      Holland, Marilyn; Laforge, Marie-Josée; McGreal, Rory; Albert, Annette; Chiasson, Margot; Donovan, Brad; Boutot-Nadeau, Danielle; Selmes, Annette; Vautour, Joel; Tremblay, Ellen (TeleEducation NB, 1998)
      This guide, intended for all new users, has been developed to assist you in planning for the use of the audiographics network, starting with the request for network use process up to the start-up of the course. Items to ...
    • Before you begin: An online tutorial for new distance learners 

      Chiasson, Margot; Holland, Marilyn; Laforge, Marie-Josée; McGreal, Rory (TeleEducation NB, 1999)
      What is distance learning all about? - What is distance learning? - How does a distance course work? - What are the benefits of distance education? - Is one type of distance education more effective than another? - What ...
    • Telecourse instructor's manual 

      McGreal, Rory; Chiasson, Margot; Holland, Marilyn; Laforge, Marie-Josée (TeleEducation NB, 1997)
      The manual is designed for people who want to develop and deliver a telecourse using various communication tools. Instructions, invaluable advice as well as checklists are included to guide you through your preparation.

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