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  • Dr. Derek Briton

    Associate Professor, Master of Arts—Integrated Studies

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  • Cynicism, the Heuristic Pharmakon 

    McCutcheon, Mark A. (English Studies in Canada, 2012-06)
    Cynicism can productively guide critical thinking about social relations under late neoliberal capital, in terms of power and ethics, in terms of knowledge and interpretation. A cynical perspective makes for a safe bet in ...
  • Lost in social space: Information retrieval issues in Web 1.5 

    Dron, Jon; Anderson, Terry (Journal of Digital Information, 2009-01)
    This paper is concerned with the application of Web 2.0 technologies within a conventional institutional learning setting. After considering the affordances of Web 2.0 technologies vs Web 1.0 technologies and a framework ...
  • ‘It’s not only what we say but what we do’: Pay inequalities and gendered workplace democracy in Argentinian worker cooperatives. 

    Oseen, Collette (Economic and Industrial Democracy, 2014-07)
    In a study conducted by the author in 2006 of five mixed-sex, worker-led cooperatives in Buenos Aires, all of the workers in each of the coops were paid exactly the same. Five years later, only two of the worker cooperatives ...
  • Agoraphobia and the modern learner. 

    Dron, Jon; Anderson, Terry (Journal of Interactive Media in Education, 2014-03)
    Read/write social technologies enable rich pedagogies that centre on sharing and constructing content but have two notable weaknesses. Firstly, beyond the safe, nurturing environment of closed groups, students participating ...
  • On the Design of Social Media for Learning 

    Dron, Jon; Anderson, Terry (social sciences, 2014-08-08)
    This paper presents two conceptual models that we have developed for understanding ways that social media can support learning. One model relates to the “social” aspect of social media, describing the different ways that ...
  • The Distant Crowd: Transactional Distance And New Social Media Literacies. 

    Dron, Jon; Anderson, Terry (International Journal of Learning and Media, 2014)
    Sociality is not just a cultural phenomenon but is embedded in our genes as eusocial creatures (E. O.Wilson 2012). Learning is an innately social activity, and the processes of teaching, the passing of knowledge from one ...
  • Social Interaction in Self-paced Distance Education. 

    Anderson, Terry; Upton, Lorne; Dron, Jon; Malone, Judi (Open Praxis, 2015)
    In this paper we present a case study of a self-paced university course that was originally designed to support independent, self-paced study at distance. We developed a social media intervention, in design-based research ...
  • Problems for the Italian-Canadian Writer and Critic: A Discussion in Three Parts 

    Pivato, Joseph J. (University of Toronto, Iacobucci Centre, 2009)
    Part One: The State of the Art; Part Two: Younger Writers; Part Three: The Burdens of History for the Italian
  • Twenty Years of Change: The Paradox of Italian-Canadian Writers 

    Pivato, Joseph J. (Strange Peregrinations, 2006)
    The most significant development which has taken place among Italian-Canadian writers since 1986 is the great amount of writing and publication. This was not supposed to happen according to most opinions. I recall that for ...
  • Cosmic Ear: Calabrian Writers in Canada 

    Pivato, Joseph J. (Australasian Canadian Studies, 2005)
    "Our House is in a Cosmic Ear" is the title of a poem by Antonino Mazza, a poet and translator who epitomizes Calabrian writers in Canada. Calabrians constitute a very large proportion of the Italians in Canada. There are ...
  • Friulani Writers in Canada: Elegy for the Future 

    Pivato, Joseph J. (Udine: Forum, 2005)
    One day we got lost in Pordenone. On a long drive from Udine to Bassano we took a wrong turn and found ourselves in a newly built area of Pordenone. The streets, sidewalks, green lawns and house designs were all a reproduction ...
  • Five–Fold Translation in the Theatre of Marco Micone 

    Pivato, Joseph J. (Canadian Theatre Review, 2001)
    In the complex relationship between the literatures of English Canada and Quebec translation has played an important role. Now with the emergence of ethnic minority writing in Canada this binary model of the literary ...
  • Shirt and the Happy Man: Theory and Politics in Ethnic Minority Writing 

    Pivato, Joseph J. (Canadian Ethnic Studies, 1996)
    Ethnic minority writing in Canada was once a neglected field not only by Canadianists promoting a canon for a national literature, but also by theorists who focused on the great works from major European languages as the ...
  • Representation of Ethnicity as Problem: Essence or Construction 

    Pivato, Joseph J. (Journal of Canadian Studies, 1996)
    The reading and study of ethnic minority writing repeatedly confront the problem of representation, and raise many questions in the debate between essentialism and social construction and implications for the issues of ...
  • OER Policies in Canada: A POERUP country report. 

    Quirk, Diane; Anderson, Terry; McGreal, Rory (2013-04)
    This paper reports on the status of OER policies in Canadian government and higher education institutions, consisting of a POERUP (Policies for OER Uptake) Europroject country report on the existence of policy documents ...
  • The Well-being of Adults who were Raised by Grandparents. 

    Kier, Cheryl A. (2013-11-09)
    Presented in Poster Session 12 on "Parenting and Grandparenting" at the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) 75th Conference, San Antonio, November 6-9, 2013.
  • “Breaking the rules”: A reflective processual analysis of multidisciplinary academic collaboration. 

    Kier, Cheryl A.; Park, Caroline L.; Jugdev, Kam (Transformative Dialogues: Teaching & Learning Journal, 2013-04)
    Three academics from different fields collaborated on a study in which we reflected on our group involvement. Although we originally worked together to provide our different perspectives on how to use debates in online ...
  • How well do Canadian distance education students understand plagiarism? 

    Kier, Cheryl A. (IRRODL, 2014)
    This project ascertains how well students taking online, distance education courses at a Canadian university recognize plagiarised material and how well they paraphrase. It also assesses the types of errors made. Slightly ...
  • Advancing project and portfolio management research with strategic management theories on resources, competencies, and capabilities. 

    Killen, Catherine; Drouin, Nathalie; Jugdev, Kam; Petit, Yvan; Soderlund, J. (2011-06-19)
    Research within project management (PM) and project portfolio management (PPM) continues to evolve. In looking for suitable theoretical bases to apply to PM and PPM research, our panel members turn to the strategic management ...
  • Organizational Enablers for Organizational Project Management. 

    Aubry, M.; Drouin, Nathalie; Jugdev, Kam; Muller, Ralf; Shao, J. (2012)
    This research report focuses on the five Board and Executive OPM driven enabler areas in response to a PMI Standards request for research. In this report, we review evidence-based literature on Organizational Enablers (OEs) ...

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