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    • Apprendre sur le Web 

      McGreal, Rory; Elliott, Michael (Le CRDP de l'académie de Grenoble, 2000)
      Plusieurs enseignants apprennent à utiliser l'ordinateur en salle de classe. Certains se tournent même vers Internet et commencent à percevoir son potentiel pour actualiser de nouvelles méthodes pédagogiques, d'où ...
    • A primer on metadata for learning objects: Fostering an interoperable environment 

      McGreal, Rory; Roberts, Toni (Elearning Magazine, 2001)
      As course developers gain experience and as the number of online courses grows, the importance and necessity of metadata standards becomes more apparent. The cost of developing interactive multimedia lessons is prohibitive. ...
    • Learning on the Web: An instructors' manual 

      McGreal, Rory; Elliott, Michael; Hall, Linda (TeleEducation NB, 2002)
      This manual will help those involved in teaching and learning, from students to administrators to begin to understand the potential of the Internet as a teaching resource and a teaching medium and to prepare to adapt and ...
    • Learning object repository technologies for telelearning: The evolution of POOL and CanCore 

      Richards, Griff; McGreal, Rory; Friesen, Norman (Proceedings of the IS2002, Informing Science + IT Education Conference, 2002-07)
      Repositories provide mechanisms to encourage the discovery, exchange and re-use of learning objects. This paper describes Portals for On-line Objects in Learning (POOL), a consortium project of the TeleLearning NCE to ...
    • International E-learning specifications. International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning 

      Friesen, Norman; McGreal, Rory (International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning, 2002-10)
      A previous report in this series discussed the classification of online course delivery systems according to the Advanced Distributed Learning Partnerships (ADL), and the international standards accepted by the ADL. The ...
    • Téléapprentissage et mondialisation de l'enseignement [English translation] 

      McGreal, Rory (Éducation, 2002-12)
      As the new advanced training technology sector of the economy grows as a global enterprise, distance from markets is no longer a factor, particularly in the design and delivery of online courses. Small remote areas can ...
    • The evolution of learning object repository technologies: Portals for On-line Objects for Learning 

      Richards, Griff; McGreal, Rory; Hatala, Marek; Friesen, Norman (Canadian Association of Distance Education, 2003)
      Learning objects are the digital files that are used to construct e-learning experiences, and repositories provide mechanisms to encourage their discovery, exchange, and reuse. Portals for On-line Objects in Learning ...
    • eduSource: Creating learning object repositories in Canada 

      McGreal, Rory; Richards, Griff; Friesen, Norman; Paquette, Gilbert; Downes, Stephen (IEEE Learning Technology Task Force (LTTF) Newsletter, 2003-01)
      EduSource is a comprehensive project that ties together various work packages and creates synergies between its partners and associates. All of the partners are Canadian organizations and meaningful work will be carried ...
    • Preface to Online Education Using Learning Objects 

      McGreal, Rory (Routledge/Falmer, 2004)
      This is the preface to an edited book on learning objects. A practical definition of learning object is proposed. They can be defined as any reusable digital resource that is encapsulated in a lesson or assemblage of lessons ...
    • Technologies of online learning (elearning) 

      McGreal, Rory; Elliott, Michael (Athabasca University, 2004)
      This chapter includes an examination of some of the most exciting technologies and features used in online instruction today, and those we may use tomorrow. Education is one of the fastestgrowing economic and social sectors ...
    • eduSource Canada: learning object repositories & m-learning 

      McGreal, Rory (mLearn 2004, 2004-07)
      This presentation will explain the concept of learning objects and metadata and introduce the eduSource suite of tools, applicable for mobile learning. Learning objects are enabled and made interoperable using mobile and ...
    • Learning objects: A practical definition 

      McGreal, Rory (International Journal of Instructional Technology and Distance Learning, 2004-09-04)
      The author proposes that a good working definition of LOs should be used: digital objects that have a stated educational purpose; and digital objects that are marked for specific educational purposes. LOs can be defined ...
    • Stealing the goose: Copyright and learning 

      McGreal, Rory (International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning, 2004-11)
      The internet is the world’s largest knowledge common and the information source of first resort. Much of this information is open and freely available. However there are organizations and companies today that are trying ...
    • Implementing Mobile Environments using Learning Objects: The Athabasca University Digital Reading Room 

      McGreal, Rory; Tin, Tony; Cheung, Billy; Schafer, Steve (2005)
      This investigation determined some of the better strategies for delivering educational resources to mobile devices from the Digital Reading Room (DRR) and the Athabasca University(AU) library catalogue using AirPac, making ...
    • Standards: it is not just about compliance 

      McGreal, Rory; Friesen, Norman (Elearning Reports, 2005-01)
      On a recent conference tour of the Americas, and before setting off to Australia for CORDRAs and Hawaii for IEEEs PERL workshops, respectively, CanCore’s Norm Friesen and Rory McGreal took a breather to discuss the latest ...
    • Or even worse: Rory`s list of a dozen things that can go wrong in a World Wide Web course 

      McGreal, Rory (ELearn Magazine, 2005-04)
      A list of problems encountered in delivering courses on the World Wide Web
    • The Athabasca University Digital Reading Room: Library resources for mobile students 

      McGreal, Rory; Tin, Tony; Cheung, Billy; Schafer, Steve (IADIS, 2005-06)
      This project has been designed to test the boundaries of Mlearning and to begin to build a platform for AU to raise an effective m-library. Building on the research conducted in Canada and abroad, the researchers are ...
    • Copyright wars and learning objects 

      McGreal, Rory (International Journal of Interactive Technology and Smart Education, 2005-08)
      Learning object developers need to understand that presently there are powerful organizations of “intellectual property” owners, and vendors of music, videos, books and software that are making a concerted attack on ...
    • An intelligent agent for adapting and delivering electronic course materials to mobile learners 

      Ally, Mohamed; Lin, Fuhua (Oscar); McGreal, Rory; Woo, Brian; Li, Qin (mLearn 2005, 2005-10)
      The concept of mobile learning is often defined as learning that takes place with the help of mobile devices to access course materials; however, these devices operate in different ways and have different capabilities. ...
    • Mobile devices and the future of free education 

      McGreal, Rory (International Council for Distance Education, 2005-11)
      The major technological trends supporting the view that "equal" or "free" education is becoming possible are those involving the new mobile devices: digital divergence - the growth in popularity of dedicated wireless devices ...

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