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    • Data Preparation 

      Connors, Martin (1998)
      Aspects of space physics data available and how to prepare it for treatment in analysis.
    • Designing the Undesignable: Social Software and Control 

      Dron, Jon (2008-02-28)
      In this presentation, Dr. Jon Dron will discuss his recently published article, “Designing the undesignable: Social Software and Control”. In this article, Dr Dron states that social software, such as blogs, wikis, tagging ...
    • Development and validation of a knowledge test for health professionals regarding lifestyle modification 

      Talip, Whadi-ah; Steyn, Nelia P.; Visser, Marianne; Charlton, Karen E.; Temple, Norman J. (Nutrition, 2003)
      Objective: We wanted to develop and validate a test that assesses the knowledge and practices of health professionals (HPs) with regard to the role of nutrition, physical activity, and smoking cessation (lifestyle modification) ...
    • Development of a user-friendly interface for the creation of user elements 

      Kinshuk (1996)
      The solution of the basic equations relating stiffness, displacement and force in finite element analysis is not trivial, partially due to the large numbers of equations involved. Various techniques have been developed for ...
    • Diabetic control, dietary intake and barriers to dietary compliance in black type 2 diabetic patients attending primary health-care services 

      Nthangeni, Gladys; Steyn, Nelia P.; Alberts, Marianne; Steyn, Krisela; Levitt, Naomi S.; Laubscher, Ria; Bourne, Lesley T.; Dick, Judy; Temple, Norman J. (Public Health Nutrition, 2002)
      Objective: To determine the dietary intake, practices, knowledge and barriers to dietary compliance of black South African type 2 diabetic patients attending primary health-care services in urban and rural areas. Design: ...
    • Diet, blood lipids and coronary heart disease: current controversies 

      Temple, Norman J. (South African Medical Journal, 1994)
    • Diet, nutrition and the prevention of type 2 diabetes 

      Steyn, Nelia P.; Mann, Jim; Bennett, P. H.; Temple, Norman J.; Zimmet, P.; Tuomilehto, J.; Lindstrom, J.; Louheranta, A. (Public Health Nutrition, 2004)
      Objectives: The overall objective of this study was to evaluate and provide evidence and recommendations on current published literature about diet and lifestyle in the prevention of type 2 diabetes. Design: Epidemiological ...
    • Dietary fats and coronary heart disease. 

      Temple, Norman J. (Biomedicine Pharmacotherapy, 1996)
      The prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease (CHD) necessitates vigorous dietary intervention so as 10 lower the serum cho1eslero11evel by at least 6%. Greater decreases in serum cholesterol can bring about ...
    • Dietary fats in health 

      Temple, Norman J. (Journal of Nutrition, Growth and Cancer, 1985)
      This review examines the relationship between dietary fat intake and health. ,Heal produced by modem farming methods has a high fat content in comparison with its natural counterpart and, furthermore, the fat is low in ...
    • Dietary fibre and the mouse colon: its influence on luminal pH, reducing activity, bile acid binding and cell proliferation. 

      Temple, Norman J.; Basu, Tapan K. (Cancer Letters, 1988)
      Female, Swiss mice were fed semi-synthetic diets for 33 days. The diets were fibre-free (FF) or supplemented with corn bran (CB) 12°~, wheat bran (WB) 12%, alfalfa (AL) 12oh, pectin (P) BOh, cellulose (CL) 6%, or lignin ...
    • Dietary flavonoid intake and risk of cardiovascular disease. American 

      Temple, Norman J. (American Journal of Epidemiology, 2000)
    • Dietary intake of pregnant women and their infants in a poor black community in South Africa 

      Mostert, D.; Steyn, Nelia P.; Temple, Norman J.; Olwagen, R. (Curationis, 2005)
      The aimsof thisstudy were (i) to determine the dietary intake of women in a poor rural area during pregnancy and lactation, and (ii) to determine the nutritional status and dietary intake of their infants at age 6 months. ...
    • The Distant Crowd: Transactional Distance And New Social Media Literacies. 

      Dron, Jon; Anderson, Terry (International Journal of Learning and Media, 2014)
      Sociality is not just a cultural phenomenon but is embedded in our genes as eusocial creatures (E. O.Wilson 2012). Learning is an innately social activity, and the processes of teaching, the passing of knowledge from one ...
    • Distributed Teaching 

      Dron, Jon (Springer, 2019-11)
      The central phenomenon that this entry seeks to explore is that people with the job title of “teacher” are almost never the only teachers in a learning transaction, and autodidacts are almost never solely responsible for ...
    • Does Beta-Carotene Prevent Cancer? A Critical Appraisal 

      Temple, Norman J.; Basu, Tapan K. (Nutrition Research, 1988)
      The possible role of beta-carotene as a protective nutrient against cancer is reviewed. Human prospective and retrospective studies strongly indicate that beta-carotene protects against lung cancer and probably against ...
    • Early stand-level assessment of forest harvesting in western boreal peatlands 

      Locky, David A. (Sustainable Forest Management Network, Networks of Centres of Excellence, 2010-02)
      Highlights • In Canada’s boreal region, wooded peatlands comprised of bogs, fens, and conifer swamps make up a significant component of the forest land base and many have marketable-size trees. • In parts of eastern ...
    • Editorial policies on financial disclosure 

      Jacobson, Michael F.; Sharpe, Virginia A.; Temple, Norman J. (Nature Neuroscience, 2003-10)
      Comments on a review article concerning treatments for mood disorders published in the periodical 'Nature Neuroscience.' Editorial policy that permitted the author of the review to remain silent about his patent and other ...
    • Educational technology: what it is and how it works 

      Dron, Jon (Springer, 2021-04-03)
      This is the submitted version of the paper, published with corrections in AI&Society. This theoretical paper elucidates the nature of educational technology and, in the process, sheds light on a number of phenomena in ...
    • Effect of Dietary Beta-Carotene on Hepatic Drug-Metabolizing Enzymes in Mice 

      Basu, Tapan K. (Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition, 1987)
      The effects of dietary supplements of beta-carotene (20-500 mg per kg diet) on hepatic microsomal drug-metabolizing enzyme activities were studied in mice. Supplementation for 14 days resulted in marked reductions in ...

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