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    • An Academic’s Life at Athabasca University. 

      Holmberg, Robert G. (2007-12-10)
    • Aedes melanimon in Saskatchewan 

      Holmberg, Robert G.; Trofimenkoff, D. (Mosquito News, 1968)
    • AFM - Prospectus 

      Connors, Martin (2007-04-18)
      Automated Forward Modelling is explained and examined.
    • Agoraphobia and the modern learner. 

      Dron, Jon; Anderson, Terry (Journal of Interactive Media in Education, 2014-03)
      Read/write social technologies enable rich pedagogies that centre on sharing and constructing content but have two notable weaknesses. Firstly, beyond the safe, nurturing environment of closed groups, students participating ...
    • Agriculture in Indonesia: mostly a domestic market 

      Holmberg, Robert G. (International Agri-World, 1995-05)
    • Antioxidants and disease: more questions than answers 

      Temple, Norman J. (Nutrition Research, 2000)
      Reactive oxygen species are widely believed to be involved in the etiology of many diseases as indicated by the signs of oxidative stress seen in those diseases. Conversely, antioxidants are believed to be protective. ...
    • Apr 5 2010 AUGO magnetogram 

      Connors, Martin (2012-05-23)
      AUGO recorded the space weather event of Apr. 5 2010
    • Araneae of Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada 

      Buckle, Donald J.; Holmberg, Robert G. (Abstracts of the 15th International Congress of Arachnology, 2001)
    • ASTR 210 Natural Sky Draft Cover 

      Meurant, Matthieu; Connors, Martin; Zhang, Jingfen (2007-07-26)
      Night sky at Athabasca with Athabasca University Robotic Telescope in foreground.
    • Athabasca University Initiatives Supporting THEMIS 

      Connors, Martin; Hayashi, Kanji; Russell, Christopher T.; Shiokawa, Kazuo; Irwin, Rob; Rostoker, Gordon (2007-02-20)
      Since the installation of a UCLA ‘small’ magnetometer in 1998, Athabasca University has made great strides in installing infrastructure in Canada for space science, culminating with the recent expansion of Athabasca ...
    • Athabasca University’s achievements in science education 

      Carter, Lisa; Holmberg, Robert G.; Liston, Michael L. (Partners in Learning, Proceedings of the 14th Annual Conference of the Canadian Association for Distance Education, 1998-05)
    • Athabasca Winter Workshop Enrollment 

      Connors, Martin (2007-02-28)
      2007 Athabasca Winter Workshop info + form
    • Automated Forward Modelling and its Results for Substorms and Sawtooth Events 

      Connors, Martin; Rostoker, Gordon; McPherron, Robert L.; Hsu, Tung-Shin; Ponto, Jason (2008-06-18)
      Automated Forward Modelling is used to contrast quantitative aspects of substorms and sawtooth events.
    • Automated Regional Modelling (ARM) for characterization of the substorm current wedge 

      Connors, Martin; McPherron, Robert L.; Ponto, Jason; Stacey, R. Greg; Russell, Christopher T.; Angelopoulos, Vassilis; Rostoker, Gordon; Boteler, D.; Danskin, D. (2008-04-30)
      Some characteristics of substorms may be determined through use of an electrojet forward modelling approach. These include the amplitude of cross-meridian electric current (0.2 to 1 MA typically), timescales (about 20 ...
    • AUTUMNX PUVR 2017 Feb 2 

      Connors, Martin (2020-03-02)
      data from Puvurnituq (PUVR) Feb 2 2017 in local magnetic coordinates
    • AUTUMNX-GOES 13 Feb 2 2017 

      Connors, Martin (2020-03-02)
      Ground and space perturbations on Feb 2 2017
    • AUTUMNX-GOES 13 Feb 2 2017 restricted 

      Connors, Martin (2020-03-02)
      GOES AUTUMNX data test
    • Biochemical status of vitamin A in colorectal cancer 

      Basu, Tapan K.; Hodgson, Anne; Temple, Norman J.; McPherson, Tony A.; Wesley, Margaret N.; Pee, David (Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition, 1990-10)
      Serum vitamin A and its carrier proteins, retinol-binding protein and prealbumin, were measured in 41 colorectal cancer patients, 40 patients with benign colorectal disease, and 31 healthy subjects. Serum samples were ...
    • A blind Homolophus biceps (Arachnida, Opiliones) 

      Holmberg, Robert G. (Entomological News, 1983)
      Scanning electron microscopy of a harvestman, Homolophus biceps. that lacked both eyes and ocular tubercle revealed no indication of external damage or healing. Internally, light microscope sections showed no evidence ...
    • Blood cholesterol and coronary heart disease: changing perspectives 

      Temple, Norman J.; Walker, Alexander R.P. (Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, 1994)
      There has been much controversy concerning the value of efforts to reduce blood cholesterol levels. In this contribution, the risks and benefits of interventions are discussed. Lowering cholesterol level by drugs is ...

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