Athabasca University's <a href="">Master of Arts–Integrated Studies (MAIS)</a> degree offers students a unique opportunity to engage in a program of study that spans the arts, humanities, and social sciences. <br><br>The degree is comprehensive in scope but specific in focus, requiring students to choose at least one specialization from among several Streams of Inquiry. Students are taught to think holistically, critically, and reflectively, and to focus on the articulations and points of overlap between specialized and generalized knowledge. Exposure to a range of disciplines and interdisciplinary methods prepares students to envisage and pursue innovative solutions to a variety of problems.

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Recent Submissions

  • Political Economy of Africa-India Relations: Remaking of a South-South Alliance? 

    Shrivastava, Meenal; Jiang, Wenran (2007-02-28)
    It is analytically awkward to compare the relationship between a country and a continent. Arguably, in this case it is possible since India is a postcolonial country of continental proportions due to its size and diversity, ...
  • Vivian McCollor 

    McCollor, Vivian (2006-03-27)
  • Kathryn Arnold 

    Arnold, Kathryn (2006-03-27)
    "I would rate [my] program in terms of the quality of its courses as very high. I think we have, in that program, excellent professors, instructors, tutors … It's stimulating, it's challenging …"

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