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    • Keeping clients safe on the night shift 

      Gordon, Kathryn P.; Melrose, Sherri (Mental Health Practice, 2013)
      The night shift admission checklist helps night nurses to maintain a culture of safety when admitting a person to an inpatient mental health unit. Mental health symptoms can be pronounced on admission but, on night shift, ...
    • Late life depression: nursing actions that can help 

      Melrose, Sherri (Perspectives in Psychiatric Care, 2018)
      Purpose: This article explains the symptoms of late life depression (LLD) and discusses evidence‐informed actions that nurses can implement to provide older adults with the help they need. Conclusions: Recognizing and ...
    • Learning psychiatric mental health nursing: One student's experience. 

      Melrose, Sherri; Shapiro, Bonnie (Partners in Psychiatric Health Care Journal, 2001)
      Few Registered Nursing students intend to work in the mental health area. This descriptive research casts the story of a second year baccalaureate student, who is interested in this specialty and using a literature review ...
    • Licensed Practical Nurses becoming Registered Nurses: Conflicts and responses that can help 

      Gordon, Kathryn P.; Melrose, Sherri; Janzen, Katherine J.; Miller, Jean (Clinical Nursing Studies, 2013)
      This article describes findings from a qualitative research project designed to understand the professional socialization experiences of Licensed Practical Nurses attending university to transition to the role of Registered ...
    • LPN to BN nurses: Introducing a new group of potential health care leaders 

      Gordon, Kathryn P.; Melrose, Sherri (e-Journal of Organizational Learning and Leadership, 2010)
      Vocationally educated Licensed Practical Nurses are seldom viewed as potential leaders in health care organizations. And yet, transformational leadership practices were evident as Licensed Practical Nurses graduated from ...
    • Lunch with the theorists: A clinical learning activity 

      Melrose, Sherri (Nurse Educator, 2006)
    • Malawian health care workers perceptions of volunteer midwives 

      Adkins, Bobbie; Melrose, Sherri (Canadian Journal of Midwifery Research and Practice, 2007)
      This article discusses a qualitative research project that explored Malawian health care workers' feelings towards western trained volunteer midwives. The project was framed from a constructivist theoretical perspective ...
    • Mandatory practice hours 

      Melrose, Sherri; Kirby, David (The Canadian Nurse, 1996)
    • Mentoring non-traditional students in clinical practicums: Building on strengths 

      Melrose, Sherri (Sciedu Press, 2018-03)
      Background: As nurse educators respond to increasing numbers of adult learners attending practicum experiences, clinical instructors are one of our richest resources. And yet, the everyday strategies they implement to ...
    • Mentoring online graduate students: Partners in scholarship 

      Melrose, Sherri (Education for Primary Care, 2006)
      Mentoring graduate students toward scholarly research and writing activities has become an important area of focus for faculty at the Centre for Nursing and Health Studies at Athabasca University in Alberta, Canada. ...
    • A message from Simone 

      Melrose, Sherri; Shapiro, Bonnie (The Canadian Nurse, 2000-02)
      Many health care professionals are concerned that, at a time of increased patient acuity, few registered nurses are opting for mental health nursing as a career choice. Since student nurses' undergraduate experiences ...
    • Naturalistic generalization 

      Melrose, Sherri (Sage Publications, 2009-10)
    • Online Graduate Study Health Care Learners' Perceptions of Group Work and Helpful Instructional Behaviors. 

      Bergeron, Kim; Melrose, Sherri (I-manager's Journal of Educational Technology, 2006)
      Participating in small group activities has emerged as a trend In online learning events. However, little is known about how graduate students experience online group work and what instructional behaviors are perceived ...
    • Online Graduate Study of Health Care Learners' Perceptions of Instructional Immediacy 

      Melrose, Sherri; Bergeron, Kim (International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning, 2006)
      Instructional immediacy is an established communication strategy that teachers can implement to create engaging learning environments. Yet, little is known about experiences distance education learners in graduate study ...
    • Online Interest Groups: Virtual Gathering Spaces to Promote Graduate Student Interaction 

      Getzlaf, Beverley; Melrose, Sherri; Moore, Sharon L.; Ewing, Helen; Fedorchuk, James; Troute-Wood, Tammy (International Journal of Online Pedagogy and Course Design, 2012)
      This article discusses a 15 month educational innovation project, the objective of which was to investigate the perceptions of health profession students about their participation in a program-wide virtual community gathering ...
    • Online Post LPN to BN Students’ Views of Transitioning to a New Nursing Role 

      Melrose, Sherri; Gordon, Kathryn P. (International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship, 2008)
      Vocationally prepared nurses, most of whom are women, experience unique challenges when they enter an online university. And yet, educational research examining their perceptions about transitioning into a new professional ...
    • Overcoming barriers to role transition during an online post LPN to BN program 

      Melrose, Sherri; Gordon, Kathryn P. (Nurse Education in Practice, 2011)
      Canadian Licensed Practical Nurses continuing their education in an online Bachelor of Nursing program face unique barriers as they transition towards a new and more complex nursing role. This qualitative descriptive ...
    • Pass/Fail and Discretionary Grading: A Snapshot of Their Influences on Learning 

      Melrose, Sherri (2017-02-16)
      This article provides a snapshot of pass/fail and discretionary grading approaches, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each. Normreferenced and criterion-referenced grading practices and their associations with ...
    • Paternal postpartum depression: How can nurses help? 

      Melrose, Sherri (Contemporary Nurse, 2010)
      Men’s emotional health can be overlooked during their partner’s pregnancy and throughout the fi rst postpartum year. Postpartum depression, once expected only in new mothers, is now estimated to occur in 4–25% of new ...
    • Peer E-Mentoring Podcasts in a Self-Paced Course 

      Gordon, Kathryn P.; Melrose, Sherri (Academic Exchange Quarterly, 2011)
      This article describes how podcasts from senior students were used as brief peer mentoring tools in an asynchronous, self-paced, text-based, introductory online nursing course. An increasing number of distance educators ...

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