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    • Relating nursing theory to students’ life experiences 

      Dowie, Sandra; Park, Caroline L. (Nurse Education Today, 1988)
      Nursing is a dynamic field involving an interaction between scientific research and human need. Theoretical discussions often involve a complex of issues which are difficult to explore adequately in a typical lecture. ...
    • Replicating the Use of a Cognitive Presence Measurement Tool 

      Park, Caroline L. (Journal of Interactive Online Learning, 2009)
      This paper is a report of the replication of a seminal study on cognitive presence in computer mediated conferencing (CMC) by Garrison, Anderson, and Archer (2001). A comparison of cognitive presence coding by three different ...
    • The Right Circumstances for Multidisciplinary Research 

      Park, Caroline L. (Nova Sciences Publishers, 2008)
    • What is the value of replicating other studies? 

      Park, Caroline L. (Evaluation Research, 2004)
      In response to a question on the value of replication in social science research, the author undertook a search of the literature for expert advise on the value of such an activity. Using the information gleaned and ...

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